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Wednesday 6 January 2016

15 People Who Were More Alcohol Than Human

15 People Who Were More Alcohol Than Human

Some people just don't know when to call it a night, but naturally hilarity ensues when they don't—like with these epic party fails. Whether they were lightweights, in the right place at the wrong time, or simply didn't know when to have their last drop of the evening, these people were definitely more booze than human in the funniest ways!

1. I Just Came Over To Say "Hi"

You know those straight-laced folks that only party a few times all year? It's usually their birthday or New Years and it's usually followed by a horrific hangover, during which you hear them say "I'm never drinking AGAIN!" Everyone has seen this disaster go down at least once.  There's nothing like watching a train wreck in action, and it's worth it just for the epic Photobombs.

2. That One Person Who Goes Too Hard During The Pre-Drink

When you pay huge bucks for festival tickets and party WAY too hard when you get there and miss your favorite band or DJ...Yeah, well—no one's perfect, but just remember you don't want to be the person who wakes up with everyone talking about how sweet last night was when you were out cold before dinner time. 

3. Late To The Party But Better Late Than Never!

You know when you have to close at work and don't finish your shift until the party has already kicked off? Then you've got to get all the way home, get ready, grab your party favors, and you're trying to catch up after the booze has already been flowing like water at the beach. You just want to catch your crew before the party peaks. You want to get into the party any which way you can, especially when you're trying to find your BFFs. Well, some weekend warriors can pull it off and some of them can't, but they all get an "A" for effort regardless of how their night turns out. You've got to give it up for the hustle on these people.

4. When Lightweights Go Wild On The Holidays

Whenever you see people who can't hold their liquor to save their lives try to keep up with everyone else on Cinco De Mayo, St. Patrick's Day, or New Years? Yeah, they usually end up like this. Here's hoping you don't wind up having to baby sit them all night long! This situation already has "hangover" written all over it before you leave the house the night before. 

5. Nothing Like Getting A Ride Home From The Sheriff

Nothing says it's time to call it a day like the Sheriff saying he'll give you a lift home after you've been getting your drink on since brunch. At least this party animal was cool enough to bring all of his empties with him instead of dumping them into the lake, so points for looking out for the environment. Who knows what made him think taking a picture was a good idea? That cop doesn't look impressed!

6. No One Likes To Deal With A Train Wreck Every Time They Go Out

No matter how hot your girlfriend is no one wants to hang with a drama queen who can't hold her booze. That's a deal-breaker that would test ANY relationship for sure! If you thought you were going to get away with a one night stand, have fun waking up with more than a hangover the next morning. Good luck making sure no one has posted it on Instagram or Facebook by the time you throw out that t-shirt and get out of the shower. Gross! Talk about being truly "partied out". I hope she at least buys you breakfast, talk about bringing new meaning to "the walk of shame". 

7. When You Crush The Whole Case Of Beer And Drinking It Wasn't Enough

Everyone knows someone that has to be the center of attention wherever they go, whether it's at work, with their friends or family, or just chillin' out. Take that person jacked up on their favorite drinks and they're the first person to take it to the next level! You thought you were just going to have a few people over and watch the game? Not after this maniac turns the place into a full-blown house party running on booze-fueled mayhem. Prepare for hangover-inducing glory. At least you know you'll never be bored with that friend in tow!

8. Come On Dude, Where's Your Wingman?!

Have you ever had to grab another drink to catch up to your friend that's already half in the bag and you leave them alone for five minutes only to have them disappear? As you look around only to find them trying to make out with someone they haven't met, well—hopefully it's more than a mask, but it could've been worse. Use the buddy system and stick together to prevent party fouls! Be a good wingman. Everyone needs a Goose to their Maverick, so don't leave your BFFs hanging out to dry—but at least you can laugh about it the next day and get a story out of it.

9. When You Think You And Your Crew Look Hot On The Dance Floor...

Ever been so juiced you think you look hotter than Katy Perry while you bust a move only to realize it's already last call? Reality hits you all at once. BAM! You suddenly realize you haven't picked up your tab, you can't find your cellphone and all you have to remember the night by is this picture of you and your girls burning a hole in the dance floor looking like a plane just took off in front of your crew. Good luck trying to shake that one off T-Swift style. Ouch!

10. This Guy Had So Much To Drink He Thought He Could Breathe It In

You know that moment when your favorite song comes on and you can't stop moving because the bass is literally moving your body? You're so consumed by music, laughter and having a good time that your hand-eye coordination goes on vacation? Have fun getting another drink! Learn how to juggle or remember where your face is next time! No one likes to hang with a spilly drinker, dude... seriously!

11. When You Cheers Someone So Hard Your Glass Can't Handle It

Sure, when you've got a few drinks in you and you're tearing it up on the weekend, naturally you get excited. Especially if you have something awesome to celebrate, like a new relationship, a killer promotion at work, or your birthday, but no one wants to hang out with that person SO pumped up they're actually destroying things. That's cool you're ready to have fun, but chill the enthusiasm so you're not redefining the term "Party Smasher." Not cool bro!

12. Dudes Who Can't Cool Their Jets

Some guys are bad enough about reading signs from ladies when they're stone cold sober. Wait until you get some eager dude looking to hook up with more beer than blood in his veins and it's a recipe for disaster! Better luck next time McLovin. A word to the wise for all you fellas out there, you might want to wait until her lips are touching yours before you decide to bust out any tongue action hotshot unless you want to get a reaction like this girl. It's a one way ticket to get a girl to freak out instead of make out.

13. When Drinking Beer Isn't Enough Fun You Have To Wear It

There's no way this girl was on her first drink of the night when she tried to go for the epic pour usually reserved for DJs giving shots straight out of the bottle to fans in the audience. It's amazing what some people will do to try to look cool in front of a camera. This poor lady was probably washing sticky beer off of her until the next morning! As if having a hangover isn't bad enough, try smelling like that box of empties someone left in your garage for a few months all night. See how many guys are going to ask for you number after that.

14. When You Do Your Make-Up During The Pre-Drink

Of course every girl wants to look stylish and sexy when she's hitting the town with her girls to cut loose on the weekend and dance the night away. Just take it easy on the cocktails while you're getting ready or it'll look like you're using Nutella and WD-40 instead of cover up and a spray tan. Yikes! You'd have to be wasted to think you looked good like this before leaving the house. 

15. When You Try To Get Fancy On The Dancefloor

Everyone knows the booze can turn into liquid courage for some of us more than others, but when that one guy tries spinning you around on the dance floor like he's Fred Astaire? This guy is so swept up in the idea he thinks he looks slick and suave he forgets about one thing: GRAVITY. Better luck next time, buddy. Don't quit that day job to become a dancer. 

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