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Friday 1 January 2016

7 Unbelievable Things Chocolate Can Do For You

7 Unbelievable Things Chocolate Can Do For You

Imagine the tantalizing taste of the chocolate melting in your mouth, isn’t it a joyous experience? Your love for chocolate isn’t just natural, it actually contains phenylethylamine a chemical or shall we say a love potion that releases endorphins, giving you a feeling similar to that when you are in love.
Maybe the reason why Americans eat too much chocolate is “their quest for love”. With the consumption of 3 billion pounds of chocolate, Americans stand number 1 on the list of “top chocolate consuming nations”; its consumption is equal to half of the chocolate produced worldwide. On no. 2 we have Europeans, consuming about world’s 40% chocolate produce.
Today we have some more chocolatey facts for you which will make you love it even more. Chocolate just not only tastes good but also provide you with some amazing health benefits. When we talk about chocolate health benefits, we are particularly referring to dark chocolate; milk chocolate and white chocolate might give you some benefits but not as much as dark chocolate.
Improves Heart Health
The heart-friendly antioxidants found in chocolate can improve your cardiovascular health and reduce your risk of developing heart disease by one-third. It widens the arteries by preventing the plaque buildup, regulates the blood flow and reduces the blood pressure.
According to a Swedish research consuming 45 grams of chocolate every week can save women from stroke, the risk is reduced by 20%.
Improves Mental Ability
A UK based study revealed that hot cocoa or plain dark chocolate can enhance mental functions, within 90 minutes. The study required the subjects to skip “3’s and 7’s” while counting the numbers. Those participants who took chocolate delivered better performance out of the lot.
It has also shown promising results for enhanced cognitive functions in old age people, especially in the 70s
Promotes Muscle Health
If you are looking for an antidote for relaxing your broken tissues after an intensive workout, then chocolate syrup might prove to be helpful. According to a study conducted at the Indiana University, chocolate can help reduce stress and fatigue and can improve your strength. The study involved cyclists, some were given chocolate milk and some were not and then both the groups were tested for fatigue and endurance. Obviously, the cyclists consuming chocolate milk showed better performance.
Kills Negative Thoughts
You can think of chocolate as a “mood fixer”. This has been proven by a research that consuming 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate every day for two weeks can help you get rid of stress. One of the reasons for this relief in stress is because of its capacity to increase the theta waves in the brain which are associated with the feeling of relaxation.
Some tests were also conducted on anxiety patients and it was observed that chocolate helps such patients to get rid of anxious thoughts and promoted happy feelings in them.
Improves HDL (good cholesterol)
The essential anti-oxidants and flavonoids help lower the bad cholesterol levels and increase the good cholesterol. Try it for a month and see the difference for yourself.
Helps you lose Weight
For a long time we believed that chocolate can make us gain weight but according to the Research conducted at the University of California, dark chocolate can actually make you shed some pounds. There are some interesting natural ingredients contained in the dark chocolate which increase your rate of metabolism and help you in weight reduction. The key word is moderation, in other words, a limited quantity is advisable.
Gives You More Years to Live
When Jeanne Calment, second on the list of people with the longest life, was interviewed, she declared that chocolate is the secret of her longevity. Jeanne Calment lived for 122 years. So what’s her secret again?
She said that her diet included “2.5 pounds of pure dark chocolate” per week. What chocolate can do is give you a strong immune system and save you from a number of diseases, so you remain fit and healthy for a lifetime.
Some Buying Instructions
When looking for chocolate keep in mind that you have to say no to the processed ones, as they will only give you a lot of calories, sugar and tooth decay. You have to search for the liquid cocoa or pure dark chocolate.
People with chronic headaches and migraines should avoid eating chocolates as it can trigger headaches.

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