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Monday 18 January 2016

Does Yoga Burn Fat?? The answer will make you crazy

Does Yoga Burn Fat?? The answer will make you crazy

Curejoy Expert Gina Hodge Explains:

Sorry to disappoint the many who do it for this purpose, but the answer is YES and NO. Yes, because Yoga can condition your mind and soul to make better food choices, reduce stress and improve metabolism. No, because Yoga doesn’tinvolve enough aerobic cardio-intensive routines that can burn fat.
Out of the various forms of Yoga, Hatha yoga, considered to be the most gentle and basic form of yoga, exerts your body to the minimum while Power Yoga goes a little beyond, Vinaya yoga asanas gets more intensive and Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga works the maximum body functions. So the intensity of Yoga definitely will help you reach your weight goals faster. And the big disclaimer: “It doesn’t really matter what yoga poses or style you do, if you fail to build a regular practice habit, don’t expect the fat melt off magically.”

But to rely on Yoga, to get those love handles, spare tires, or belly fat off you quickly, you are putting all your eggs in one basket. Yoga improves your senseof well-being and overall health and its role in promoting a healthier lifestyle is critical in losing weight rather than from calories burned. Additionally the stretches and holds will build muscle definition, making you look more toned, even with the “visible” fats in place. You become more flexible and active which will boost your confidence to keep moving which in turn will burn fat.
In addition, yoga also helps to improve sleep, control stress hormones and symptoms of depression. Improper sleep and stress has deep impact on fat deposition. Yoga combined with walking, running, or biking can go a long way to help the mind control your food habits and the exercise burn the fat.…a lasting recipe for long term weight loss.
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