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Thursday 7 January 2016

He Tells The Difference Between His Richer And Poorer Parents After Divorce. It's So True.

He Tells The Difference Between His Richer And Poorer Parents After Divorce. It's So True.

 Divorce is hard on everyone in the family, and every family deals with divorce differently. Some couples keep things amicable for their children while others scream, blame and sabotage. No one wrote a manual for divorce (well, not one that helps with these kinds of issues). There is no "right" or "wrong" way to deal with the challenges of ending a marriage but one-upping one another sets a terrible example for the kids. 
This story is about divorce from a son's perspective. It proves that a mother can teach a valuable lesson through any hardship in life, making her children better people.

"I come from both backgrounds.

"Father has an 8-figure income, compared to my mother working on 26K a year. They divorced, and my mother got custody."

"Most of my childhood was...

"...spent living on a crazy budget. I was a simple, white, video game playing nerd growing up. At my mother's, she could only afford one game and system for me (around 6 years old), and I selected the GameCube and super smash Bros melee."

"Over the weekends (every other one) I went over to my dads.

"Because of the rivalry with my mother (aka, "who's the better parent"), my father would ask me for a list of games or anything else I wanted, and in 2 weeks it would be there."

"When I was 17...

"...I asked for a jet ski (i never asked for anything over $80, maybe a really good fishing tackle box, but that's about it).
Fast forward 2 weeks, and there's a $15,000 jet ski in his backyard (he lived on the water)."

"The best thing about being rich is...

"...the comfort, convenience, and general happiness."

"The worst part?

"It's not true happiness. True happiness is feeling loved."

"Two years ago, my mother...

"...made me a bank account linked to her name. Whenever something happened with her account (deposit, etc), I'd get an email."

"When I was 16, I asked...

"...for an upgrade to my gaming computer. My planned upgrades were 600, and I said I'd help around the house and get a job myself (which I did) to pay her back."

"Next day?

"I get 2 emails. One is a notification of a $1500 purchase and the next one saying that the account has gone in the negative. 
-$1350 on the account."

"I never told her that I knew, and...

"...I'm happy that I haven't. Saying "I love you, and would do anything for you" is one thing, but doing it is another."

"Since paying off that payment...

"...(took me 3 months), my mother got Graves disease (among other things), and had to stop working."

"Even though I'm in college,...

"I go back once a month (5 hour train ride) to help her clean the house, cook, shop, etc. I pay for most of it too.
No game system, jet ski, boat, smart tv, etc. my dad could buy for me could EVER even compare to my mother."

h/t USA Post
Main image via YouTube / Kitikiti Pe
Collage images via 1. BT 2. Georgia Newsday | Tom Grill / Getty Images 3. YouTube / Kitikiti Pe

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