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Monday 18 January 2016

Pizza Chain Boss Catches Worker Repeatedly Paying For Cops' Lunches. Now Watch What He Says.

Pizza Chain Boss Catches Worker Repeatedly Paying For Cops' Lunches. Now Watch What He Says.

 Most successful businesses don't believe in giving out free handouts — regardless of the reasoning. Why? Because in order for a business to get successful and REMAIN successful, they need to make money. But when the manager of this Kentucky Domino's found out that his cashier was paying for people's lunches, he knew he had to confront her.

But the conversation he had with her didn't go how you may have thought it did.

 The cashier, Ashley Calvert, comes from a long line of police officers and had been wanting to do something nice for the local police force for some time. One day, she finally discovered a way she could accomplish her mission. She told her husband that she would pay for the next police officer to come into the Domino's where she worked. And when Officer Paul Roemer came in to buy a slice for lunch, she followed through with her plan.

But Roemer felt funny accepting Calvert's offer...

 After Calvert insisting on paying for his meal, Roemer finally agreed and thanked Calvert graciously. He couldn't believe how kind this complete stranger was being to him. Calvert was so happy with what she was doing that she paid for several other officers' meals throughout the day, and even the following week!

But when her boss found out, Calvert was scared she may lose her job.

Luckily for Calvert, her manager wasn't angry at all, but actually proud! In fact, Calvert's manager thanked her for her kindness. As it turns out, his father was a police officer who was tragically killed in action nearly 43 years ago, and he was so touched that Calvert had thought to pay her respects to the police officers who chose to eat at their restaurant. 

It just goes to show that kindness really does pay off!

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