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Friday 22 January 2016

Pregnant Shopper Posts THIS Complaint On Facebook After She's Harrassed At The Checkout

Pregnant Shopper Posts THIS Complaint On Facebook After She's Harrassed At The Checkout

Pregnancy is quite literally a miracle of life. Usually, when someone finds out about another person being pregnant, they become excited and have good things to say. Sadly, we live in a world where there must always be a dark side to everything, and there are always people trying to ruin someone else's day. Recently, a 34-year-old mother-to-be, Emily Saunders, was shopping for the first time at a Lidl supermarket in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. At the time, she was 37 weeks pregnant, so her bump was rather visible to public. When she arrived to the checkout at the Lidl store, she was insulted and publicly humiliated, simply for being pregnant. 
 Emily and husband, Craig Saunders, had been struggling to conceive. They had been attempting to become pregnant for over two years before finally resorting to IVF (In-vitro Fertilization). Since struggling with pregnancy, Emily was more sensitive to insults regarding her pregnancy since people were unaware of just what she had gone through. Just minding her own business and off shopping, she had hardly expected to be berated for being pregnant, someone she said left her feeling "insulted, embarrassed and hurt." As most would expect, when Emily neared the checkout section, she would be asked if she required any extra assistance due to how far along she was. Sadly, this was not what happened. Instead of being properly greeted, the cashier looked at her bump then said "nothing was on TV that day?" Implying that she had become impregnated out of sheer boredom...
 In absolute shock as to what she had just heard, Emily attempted to ignore the woman and continue on, recalling the incident by saying "At first I was too shocked to speak or make eye contact." The cashier, however, was persistent and continued making crude remarks to Emily, eventually saying "you couldn't have read a book instead?" Emily also recalls that while she packed her bags, the woman continued insulting her which provoked a response from other customers, though not a favorable one. Emily said "Her comments were loud enough for the people behind me in the queue to laugh along but I left the shop feeling insulted, embarrassed and hurt." Feeling humiliated Emily left the store and proceeded to make a complaint.
Emily's complaint was a rather public one, posting it to the Lidl UK Facebook page. In her complaint, Emily also recalls telling the cashier that she didn't want cash back, to which the cashier had responded, "Oh, you won't be able to afford cash back once it's here anyway." As previously mentioned, Emily was required to undergo In-vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to become pregnant, and that very thing is what made the comments so much more hurtful for her. Emily said "Had I managed to get pregnant naturally, then this comment inferring that my baby was not planned would be insulting enough. However, as someone who went through months of IVF treatment, it is even more hurtful." The way this cashier had reacted to a pregnant customer was clearly uncalled for, but so far, Emily has heard nothing back from the company except a simple acknowledgement.

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