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Wednesday 27 January 2016

This Is What Kissing Reveals About Your Relationship

This Is What Kissing Reveals About Your Relationship

 It's unknown how kissing first came about, but today it's universally recognized as one of the most intimate ways to show affection. 
But there's all sorts of ways to kiss. And each of them seems to suggest something a little different about where you're going with that special someone.
And so, we're going to go through a few common types and see what each of them are saying underneath it all.
Do you have a favorite way of kissing? Let us know in the comments!

The gentle kiss.

For this one, partners brush their lips together lightly. It's shared between comfortable lovers, but it also teases about what the rest of the night will hold.

The peck.

This is probably the first kiss you're going to share with someone. It's light and quick, indicating that things are a little timid because the relationship is new.

The closed-mouth kiss.

This is different from the peck or the gentle one in that it's dry and lingers for a while. Unfortunately, this one shows a level of discomfort with your partner, especially if you're already in a long-term relationship.

French kissing.

There's definitely an art to this one. If it's more like you're massaging each other's tongues, it's sensual and passionate. If it's more one-sided and feels like you're ramming your tongue, it's a major red flag.

Sloppy kissing.

This kiss is pretty wild because you're just charging in and exploring your partner's mouth. If you're into it, you're into intense, energetic relationships with a lot of passion. 
But remember that this can be a little too aggressive for some people.

The single lip kiss.

It's kind of a quirky kiss because you're covering only one lip with your mouth, but it's considered very gentle and romantic.

Cheek kissing.

Depending on your culture, this one can be more of a show of friendship than romantic interest. But even if it's between lovers, it shows a relationship with a strong friendship at its core, which is important.

Lip nibbling.

This indicates a pretty fiery physical relationship and a healthy sex life. Be careful though, you're not supposed to draw blood.

The upside-down kiss.

It resembles the famous "Spider-Man kiss," but is usually done while laying down. It shows spontaneity in a relationship because you're giving your lover an unexpected kiss from behind.

Eyelid kiss.

Also called an "angel kiss," this one is meant to be comforting and indicates a relationship of trust.

Earlobe Kiss.

This one is considered sensual and romantic because the earlobe is a really sensitive part of the body.

Butterfly kiss.

This doesn't involve the mouth at all. Instead, you move your faces close together and flutter your eyelashes quickly. It feels like you're being touched by butterfly wings and apparently indicates young love.
h/t The Daily Mail
Main image via flickr / Courtney Carmody
Collage image via The Daily Mail

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