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Monday 4 January 2016

What Can the Space Between Your Fingers Say About You?

What Can the Space Between Your Fingers Say About You?

A. Big Gap
 You have an open personality, just like the big gap you have in your hand! You are free spirited. You are always being yourself and rarely attempt to please others. You never hide your feelings, so this also makes you a straight forward person. You are also good at making new friends!

B. Small Gap

 You are quite open to people, but you still keep some things just for yourself. You also have a good common sense, which many people lack nowadays. You are pretty reserved, but you also know when to let loose and have fun. In other words, you are a balanced person. You know when to talk and when to listen, so people like to seek advice from you. You are a humorous person as well, and you often crack good jokes.

C. No Gap

You are a private person. You value privacy and you think it's so unnecessary to share your personal stuffs with other people. You are wise enough to know not to trust people easily, they have to earn it! You are polite and respectful towards others. You keep your mouth shut, but you're a good ear.

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