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Wednesday 17 February 2016

10 Life Skills Every Child Needs To Learn By The Time They Reach 18

10 Life Skills Every Child Needs To Learn By The Time They Reach 18

There's no doubt that every parent wants the best for their children. However, sometimes in our attempts to protect them, we actually deny them the chance to learn how to do things on their own. Calling all overprotective parents! This one is for you. Here are 10 things every kid should learn by the time they reach 18 years old.

1. Every 18-year-old should know how to earn and manage money.

Sure, we love to spoil our kids and grandkids with money for doing absolutely nothing at all. But what are we teaching them? Money doesn't grow on trees — it's earned. This is something EVERY person needs to learn before reaching adulthood.

2. Every 18-year-old should be able to talk to strangers and carry on conversations.

Being a shy kid isn't fun. But speaking for your little shy guy or girl doesn't help the problem — it makes it worse. We need to encourage our kids to speak for themselves, otherwise their adult years will be a constant struggle.

3. Every 18-year-old should know how to find their own way around.

We accompany our children everywhere. Sure, we want them to be safe, but we also need to know when to give them the freedom to explore a place on their own. Without this freedom, our kids will grow up without the geographical skills needed to survive in college, work or adulthood as a whole.

4. Every 18-year-old needs to be able to manage assignments, work and other deadlines.

Parents are often quick to lend a helping hand to their kids when they get overwhelmed with homework and other things in their young lives. There's nothing wrong with this, but sometimes letting them sweat it out a bit helps to train their problem-solving skills.

5. Every 18-year-old should be able to contribute to the running of a household.

By the time your kid reaches their 18th birthday, they should definitely know the ins and outs of keeping a house up and running, whether that means pitching in with the chores, dealing with the cable guy or even making the family dinner. If not, what are they going to do when it's time to move out?

6. Every 18-year-old should be able to handle conflict with others. 

A lot of parents jump in right away the second their kid finds themselves in a face-to-face conflict with another person. However, you'd be surprised at how able your youngsters are at handling these problems on their own. If we don't give them their space, they'll just grow up not knowing how to cope with conflict without the aid of an elder.

7. Every 18-year-old should know when to take risks.

Parents like planning things out for their children. This is great — kids love structure! But no matter how hard you plan for something, there's no telling what life has in store. Your kids need to learn that success often comes right after failure. 

8. Every 18-year-old should know how to deal with their superiors. 

A lot of parents tell their children to respect their superiors but then are just as quick to come to their kid's defense the minute their teachers, coaches or bosses punish them in an attempt to teach a lesson. Kids need to learn how to deal with superiors on their own from an early age.

9. Every 18-year-old should know how to deal with their emotions.

Let's be honest — life is emotional, and your kids need to learn that. But even more importantly, they need to learn how to deal with their emotions in a healthy manner. How do they pick this talent up? From their parents, of course! Kids are like sponges, and the majority of the traits they pick up come right from home. Try to set a good example. 

10. Every 18-year-old should know just how important family really is.

You've spent their entire lives trying to teach them the valuable life lessons you believe they need to succeed, and trust me, they've noticed it. Despite all the arguments, disagreements, conflict and craziness of raising kids, by the time they reach 18, chances are they realize just how much you've done for them, and they should be ready to share these lessons with those around them.

Main and collage image via Kitebridge | XiXinXing / Shutterstock

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