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Wednesday 3 February 2016

15 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Made With Love

16 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Made With Love

 If you think about it, Valentine's Day is a pretty strange holiday. It's supposed to be the day when couples find the perfect gift for each other. Instead, you'll find yourself standing in the greeting card aisle trying to determine which card with the flying, half-naked baby is the least offensive.
There is a way to do Valentine's Day properly. As with most things in life, if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself. These DIY Valentine's Day gifts are actually pretty awesome, and your sweetheart won't have to pretend to like it. Best of all, they were made by you, so you know for sure that love went into it (along with some sweat and possibly a few tears). Check out these adorable DIY gifts perfect for your Valentine. 

1. The tree of love

A long time ago, we learned that viciously carving your initials into the trunk of a tree was cute... unless you were the tree. Because we love trees, why don't you immortalize your love with this adorable DIY project. Use a stencil to cut out the tree, using a page from one of your favorite books, or another eco-friendly option. Attach two hearts with your names lovingly penned on them. Frame it up and voila! (No trees were harmed in this process).

2. DIY infused bourbon

First, there's that warm, fuzzy feeling. Then everything begins to look a little softer, a little more beautiful. Before you know it, there's the knowledge that everything in the world will be alright. Weird how falling in love and enjoying a drink share so much in common, huh? Gift your hunny this infused bourbon kit you can make yourself for some old-fashioned warm fuzzies. 

3. Peppermint swirl soap 

Everyone's sweetie could smell a little sweeter, right? Gift this gorgeous soap (that's also kind of a subtle hint) by following the tutorial here

4. Homemade Handwarmers

Even the coldest of hearts will melt at the sight (and touch!) of these DIY hand warmers. Cut out 2 identical hearts with felt, and use a running stitch to seal them together. Leave a small opening and fill your heart with dried rice or beans before stitching it closed securely. Microwave the hearts for 20-30 seconds to keep your hands nice and toasty on frosty February days. 

5. Hunk cookies

This is probably the closest you'll get to any of these babes. That's okay. I find sugar softens reality. 

6. Beer bouquet

Giving your S.O. or BFF a case of beer is kind of like giving someone cash. Yes, it's what they really want. Yes, it's practical. The only problem is that it makes you look kind of lazy. Instead of the usual six-pack,spruce up those brewskis by adding silk flowers for a brew-quet. 

7. Date night in a box

Take a trip to your local cinema or stay in for some Netflix and chill. You really can do no wrong with this gift. 

8. Fortune cookies

These look good enough to eat, but they're actually made of felt. Fill them with good fortunes and cute pick-me-ups. 

9. What I love about you...

This is a super easy gift to make and one that will make even the manliest of men get all foggy-eyed. Write one thing you love on each card, and then use a binder ring or key ring to attach them all together. 

10. Left shark cupcakes

Everyone is a little bit like left shark, but your sweetheart loves you anyways. Make your awkward, clumsy love official with these cupcakes.

11. Homemade Sharpie mugs

There are two indicators of a long-lasting relationship: one is that your mate can make you the perfect cup of coffee (or tea, if that's more your style). The second is that you two can enjoy your respective beverages together in content and comfortable silence. Trust me, these are amazing #RealtionshipGoals. Show them off with these handmade sharpie mugs.

12. Take your love to new heights

Remember when you used to break out the glitter glue and make valentines by hand? The good news is that people still love getting handmade cards. The bad news is that glitter glue is still as hard as ever to get out of your carpet. 

13. A map to your hearts

Commemorate a recent trip, or use this unique art to announce an upcoming one. Either way, everyone will know that you "wanderlust" for each other (I'll stop now). 

14. Keep those lips smoochable and soft

These colorful handmade valentines will not only brighten someone's day, they'll keep their lips soft and protected from the cold winter weather. Perfect for BFFs and coworkers. 

15. Heart art (that looks cool all year)

This modern art made with nails and string is a stylish alternative to the framed couples' costume photo. See? You can show your love without weirding out literally everyone who visits you.  

Main image via visualheart

Collage images via 1. visualheart 2. Instagram / @cnibysony 3. Instagram / @revelbox.co

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