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Monday 29 February 2016

15 People Who Troll Way Too Hard

15 People Who Troll Way Too Hard

 He's everywhere. He's typically the wittiest and most clever person in the room. If you don't already know who he is, beware, he can strike at any moment. He likes to hide his true intentions under the guise of help. He's an expert of deception, making the element of surprise his greatest weapon. For all you know, you could be sitting next to him right now. Who is he? He's the genuine troll — the practical joker on steroids. And if you're not careful you'll end up getting trolled like the rest of the people on this list. 

1. The much anticipated sequel to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hole

2. Jeopardy was so bored they began trolling 30-year-olds

3. This guy definitely has a tiny dick 

4. Looks like Batdad ate too many nachos

5. Yes, I am very fluent in "freedom." It's my first language

6. He's the pioneer of trolling

He was doing it before it was cool

7. I honestly wouldn't mind watching a few Harry Potter geeks run headfirst into this bus shelter

8. A troll inception

A Cage within a Cage?

9. I take that back. This guy is the troll of all trolls

Take notes, kids

10. Who knew cops could be so clever?

11. If only they knew

12. The captain of troll always goes down with his ship

13. Those who can't spell, teach

This is what happens when you ask the janitor to adjust the board

14. Good luck keeping yourself from falling in 

15. Real mature 

What would you have done if she one-upped you and ate the paper, huh?
Main image via reddit / saraboulos
Collage images via 1. imgur 2. reddit / saraboulos

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