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Monday 1 February 2016

15 Rockin' Red Nail Designs To Ring In The Chinese New Year

15 Rockin' Red Nail Designs To Ring In The Chinese New Year

 Did you know that 2016 is the Year of the Monkey?
Those born under the Year of the Monkey are said to exhibit a natural curiosity and are exceptionally quick-witted. Of course, they also have a keen sense of humor and are creative problem solvers. 
Why not celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year and the Year of the Monkey with some fabulous red nails? Red and gold are the traditional colors for Chinese New Year, but you'll be surprised by how many versatile designs there are! Get ready to monkey around with your mani!

1. Stenciled pattern

This intricate design looks pretty complicated, but a nail art stencil will make it easier to accomplish. Take your time to get those clean lines. 

2. Marbled accent nail

I wouldn't think to put a white marbled nail with red and gold, but it totally works! This stone accent design makes this manicure look like royalty. 

3. Cherry blossoms 

Just like how the new year symbolizes renewal, cherry blossoms signify new life. This is a floral design perfect for Chinese New Year. If you like this design, check out #7 for another floral red nail design. 

4. Negative space mani

I love how elements of a negative space mani were incorporated into this design. The neutral colors make the red and gold accents really stand out! If you like the effect of mixing red with neutrals, you'll want to check out #10 and #12. 

5. Monkey see, monkey do

Who wouldn't want this cheeky little guy hanging out on their mani? 

6. Red and silver

Even though gold is more traditional for Chinese New Year, this blinged-out mani with silver also looks festive. 

7. Floral accent

This mani is quite striking thanks to the combination of deep red, black and violet. Check out #9 for a white flower design! 

8. Gold studs

The beauty of nail studs is that you can put on as many as you want. Mix up the patterns and the number you put on each nail for a unique mani. 

9. White flower

The white flower detail on this design is stunning. I also love the subtle red and black ombré effect. 

10. A mani that proves neutrals are not boring

Neutrals are a modern way to break up bold colors like red and gold. The key is to let these colors shine, not overwhelm your nails. 

11. Lucky coin

The small details on this mani are sure to bring good fortune! 

12. Geometric borders

The detail here is amazing! This is a creative way to change up a negative space mani. 

13. Add some texture

Texture on an accent nail is another way to distinguish your mani. 

14. Classic colors

This design reminds me of the traditional red envelopes exchanged at Chinese New Year as gifts. 

15. Happy Year of the Monkey! 

May this year bring you peace and prosperity! 
Main image via Instagram / @debbies_creations_
Collage images via 1. Instagram / @debbies_creations_ 2. Instagram / @imagonails 3. Instagram / @sakura_bear

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