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Wednesday 10 February 2016

17 Social Media Lies

17 Social Media Lies

 Don't we all like a little attention on social media once in a while? I know my day gets brighter when I see that little orange speech bubble heart thing on my Instagram.  
In this quest for affirmation on the internet, maybe we stretch the truth a bit, like when we caption a pic "best birthday ever," but it was actually pretty lame compared to the year before, or when we post a picture of a delicious dinner leaving everyone to assume we made it when really our mom did. 
Well, some people take those lies a little too far. And of course, when you fib on the internet someone is always ready to pounce. Here are 17 people whose deceits were painfully obvious.

1. When bae catches you sleeping


2. That hot new girlfriend you found at models.com

3. That barista who made someone's day special. Just not yours.

Foiled by Google image search!

4. This guy who worked hard for his bod

It kind of looks like a T-shirt where his pelvis meets his pants.

5. Remember those no makeup Facebook nominations?

Except eyeliner. Oh, and false eyelashes. Does my contouring kit count?

6. This guy who doesn't use Photoshop...

But definitely used the Microsoft Paint spray can to make that hair.

7. This guy who lives in an alternate reality where there are two suns

One apparently shining in his eyes and one behind him casting a shadow. 

8. The man haunted by the ghost of a creepy stock image

9. This person who found a picture of Justin Bieber and decided to try out creative writing 

I think she's crying from Bieber fever, not from sexual violation

10. When you're real proud of your boobs

But you don't drive

11. The person who pretends they can cook

Not only did you lie about making it, but you didn't even take the actual picture.

12. And, of course, the fake vacation pic is also a staple

"Somewhere in Dubai, I don't remember where." At least have a decent story to back it up.

13. When you didn't edit...

You were just glowing purple from the inside that day.

14. When you and bae are sleeping, and some weirdo breaks into your house and takes a photo of you both with your phone

Then selects a Valencia filter and quietly leaves without waking either of you.

15. When you think you're hilarious but really...

You're just a reddit plagiarist.

16. No edits ya'll

Just because you didn't edit it with proper tools like Photoshop, doesn't mean it's not edited.

17. When you are forever alone

But have very dexterous feet.

Main image via reddit / TonyROMOisGOAT
Collage image via FunnyJunk / MrMouz

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