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Friday 19 February 2016

Funny Memes On World’s Cheapest Smartphone

Ringing bells, a smartphone company which was unheard of till date, was suddenly in news this week for promoting the idea of a smartphone with a price tag of Rs 251. Now the fact that the phone is subsidized or does it really cost this less to make a smartphone so cheap is quite debatable.

However, at present, screen replacement costs about Rs 2000. While the debate on the manufacturing costs will go on forever, we have to admit that a smartphone at a cost of Rs 251 is definitely a steal deal.

All the users who have been insanely looking to Book Freedom 251 will have to wait till the freedom251.com website is up. The micro-blogging site, People has trolled Freedom 251 smartphone with funny memes and satires. Freedom 251 is the cheapest smartphone in the world has surfaced.

The social media is busy in trolling it. Here are some of the best trolls on the new Freedom251 smartphone.

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