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Wednesday 3 February 2016

Mom Can't Believe It When Dad Confesses The Truth Behind Their Daughter's Name

Mom Can't Believe It When Dad Confesses The Truth Behind Their Daughter's Name

Picking a name for your child is an extremely important responsibility. It’s what they’ll be called for the rest of their lives, so no pressure or anything.
Many families chose a symbolic name or one that has a personal meaning to them. Children are often named after family members, historical icons, or celebrities.
But one father had something else in mind for his daughter. 

Baby Lanesra has a pretty unique name. 

Clare Smith and her husband decided on the name together. The couple from Blacktown, Australia felt that the name was "unique and romantic." It wasn't until two years later that Lanesra's father revealed that the name carried a special meaning, one that Clare did not know about.

It turns out that "Lanesra" is an ode to his favorite sports team.

Lanesra is actually Arsenal spelled backwards. Clare decided to write to a popular U.K. magazine with her story. Her husband definitely deserves recognition for his creativity, and Lanesra is actually a pretty name!  

Arsenal has some of the most passionate fans in the Premiere League.

The club based in Holloway, London is considered an elite team in the world of soccer. Arsenal has won 12 FA Cups, one of the highest honors in professional soccer. 
I guess if you want your kid to be a winner, name them after a winning organization?

Naming children after sports references is not a new concept. 

The name Saban rose to popularity in the state of Alabama after the University of Alabama hired Nick Saban to coach the school's football team. Twenty children have been named Saban since the coach was hired back in 2007. The names Sabine and Sabiana have also popped up since that time, presumably a tribute to the Crimson Tide.
I guess they didn't like Nick.
Main and collage image via flickr / OliYoung

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