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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Most 10 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Most 10 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Dreams are your companion when you sleep. They say, if you do not dream, you are missing on imagination. Plus, science says, the more you dream, the better it is. According to some positive thinkers, one should dream big to achieve big. Well, believe it or not, most of the people in the world dream a lot.

But, dreams vary with your mood, state of mind, your psyche, and much more. Why is it that I always see someone chasing me and why is that my friend always feels he is falling continuously. Well, I am talking about the type of dreams people usually see. They say that every dream has a meaning attached to it! Today, I bring you 10 of the most common dreams and their respective meanings. Connect yourself, if you can!

Most 10 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

1. Being Chased

If you often dream that someone is chasing you, it means that your subconscious mind is indicating that you have been avoiding something/someone that is painful or frightening to you. Going deeper into the dream, what matters more is who is chasing you and what is your relationship with that person. Do you know that person?

2. Falling

It is one of the most common dreams people have reported รข€“ falling and falling and continuing to call. It could possibly mean that things are not going right in your life. According to some specialists, it could also be an indication from your subconscious mind that something in your life is going in a terribly wrong direction. More or less, people suffering from depression have reported falling in their dreams

3. Losing Teeth

Specialists say that losing teeth could indicate loss in confidence. It could also mean that you are worried about your outlook and are concerned about a particular feature of your body.

4. Dying

A lot of people report seeing themselves (or their close relatives) dead in their dreams. A lot of dream interpreters say that death in dream could symbolize a new start or spiritual transformation. Seeing someone close as dead in dream could mean that you are parting ways with that person emotionally.

 5. Water

Dreaming about water is considered good by some experts, as it symbolizes purification, change, and transformation of life. Going deeper into this, what decides further interpretation is whether you've seen a big water body, flowing river, waterfall, whether you are offer/receiving water, etc.

6. Being Cheated On

The best and the worst thing about dreams is that they are involuntary; so, you can actually dream almost anything! Dreams can express what is inside your mind. If you have dreamt about your partner cheating on you, don't worry! Experts say that it can happen out of jealousy and you should not take such dreams seriously. Instead, you need to spend more time with each other!

7. Snakes

A lot of people have reported seeing snakes in their dreams. Experts say that it could symbolize a hidden threat that you need to take care of. If you see snake shedding its skin, it could mean renewal or a new start.

8. Being Late

Students often dream that they have run late to take their vital exam; office-goers often seem themselves as reaching late to office! Such a dream could indicate your anxiousness about your work or what you are about to come across in the near future (in terms of work).

9. Can’t Shout

People have reported dreams where they find themselves as mute. They say that they want to shout and raise an alarm, but they are unable to (in their dream). Such a dream could indicate that you are not able to express fully and something is stopping you to achieve your goals. One should take such a dream seriously and start working towards his/her goals. Even if you haven't experienced such a dream, you ought to move towards your goals, unstoppably!

10. Celebrity

People often report seeing themselves as a celebrity in dreams. They also see themselves performing on stage and surrounded by people. These dreams could be result of watching excess of television and excessive use of internet. The idea is that when you go to bed with a pre-occupied mind, you dream accordingly!

Have you ever experienced any of the above dream ? Comment it below

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