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Thursday 18 February 2016

Top 5 Famous Actors Having Their Master Degree

Think of the famous faces we see every day on the big and the small screen, the stars of cinema and television that fill the pages of glossy entertainment magazines. To look at the acting world, you’d be forgiven for thinking that most celebrities live a life far removed from the commitment and concentration necessary for further educational study. It may come as a shock, then, to find that the following well-known actors have all achieved master’s degrees. Here is list of those Actors

1.Rowan Atkinson

Atkinson is known across the globe for his bungling slapstick creation Mr Bean and his eponymous role in the spoof spy Johnny English franchise. These characters (particularly Bean) are not exactly blessed with a terrific amount of intelligence ñ usually any attempt from Bean to use his brain ends in disaster. So it may come as some surprise to learn that an actor who excels at playing the ultimate dim-wit is a highly educated individual. Following his undergraduate degree at Newcastle University, he completed his Masters in Electrical Engineering at that renowned center of learning, Oxford University. As a further feather in his jester’s cap, Oxford made Atkinson an honorary fellow in 2006

2.Ilan Mitchell-Smith

In the minds of movie geeks everywhere he will be forever associated with his role in John HughesíWeird Science, an everyday story of high school nerds conjuring up a dream girl (Kelly Le Brock) out of their computer. But Ilan Mitchell-Smith has a lot more to his CV than this fondly remembered teen classic. The wholly implausible plot – lovingly complemented by bouffant 80s fashions and a party pop soundtrack – isn’t exactly a master class in IT. However, Mitchell-Smith survived the experience with his brain intact and moved away from acting in 1991 and hit the books. He followed a BA in Medieval Studies from UC Davis with a Master of Arts degree from Fordham University and then a Ph.D. from Texas A&M. After a stint on the English faculty at Angelo State University he joined California State University Long Beach, where he is currently Assistant Professor of English.

3.Kathleen Noone

Best known for her roles in glossy soaps All My ChildrenKnots Landing and Sunset Beach, Noone is a mainstay of the kind of fluffy, superficial dramas that keep television stations in business. Perhaps surprisingly, she is the proud possessor of the sort of qualifications that one doesn’t normally associate with soap actors. Noone holds a BFA degree from Ithaca College and West Virginia University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Southern Methodist University. Recently she went back into education to complete a master’s in Spiritual Psychology. She has used her training to set up a company entitled Kathleen Noone’s Emotional Fitness, which aims to help budding actors with the stresses and emotional demands of the business.

4.David Duchovny

To most television fans he is Agent Fox Mulder, the FBI man who “wanted to believe” in the long-running series The X-Files. However, his early acting career was punctuated by roles of a rather different nature. First came his performance as an altogether different sort of federal agent, the cross-dressing Denis or Denise Bryson in the genre-bending cult series Twin Peaks. Following that Duchovny enjoyed a spell as the narrator and host of soft porn TV show The Red Shoe Diaries. Yet despite extraterrestrial abductions, transgenderism and softcore eroticism, Duchovny holds a Master of Arts in English Literature from Yale. Duchovny also began work on a Ph.D. thesis about magic and technology in contemporary literature, but is sadly yet to complete it.

5.Sigourney Weaver

Whether battling the Alien Queen as Lieutenant Ripley in the terrifying Alien saga or getting possessed by the demonic spirit Zuul in Ghostbusters, Sigourney Weaver has consistently brought an energy and vivacity to her acting work that has held her in good stead throughout a long career. While subsequent roles in Working Girl and Heartbreakers show off her comic timing they don’t necessarily make her powerful intellect apparent. Before her acting career truly took off, Weaver earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale University School of Drama in 1974. With an education that has doubtless served her well in her Hollywood years, Weaver remains an object lesson in astuteness and longevity in the movie business.

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