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Friday 12 February 2016

You Drink Coffee Everyday, And Here Are The Awesome Things It's Doing To You

 You Drink Coffee Everyday, And Here Are The Awesome Things It's Doing To You

Coffee, my love. What would I do without you? You're there for me when I need to wake up, and you're there for me when I need to go to the bathroom (you know what I mean if you drink coffee). Is it even possible that you do more for me than those few simple, yet important things at the crack of dawn? I don't know about you, but if I don't have some freshly-brewed coffee in the morning, steer clear!
Like most people, when I wake up, these are a few things on my mind:

The Cream.

The Steam.

 To put things into perspective, 50% of all Americans wake up to a cup of joe in the morning. Behind oil, coffee is the second most valuable commodity on the world market and, to me, this is proof that I'm not the only person that turns into a cranky baby in the morning without it.  Coffee doesn't just taste good and boost your mood.  Rarely is it the case that something so damn good can also be beneficial to our health. Coffee is perhaps the only real-life example of this fantasy. 
So take a sip of that hot morning brew and take pleasure in these 18 benefits that it has for your health. Tons of these are actually surprising.

1. Next time you want to get down with someone, suggest going out for coffee!

Coffee has been shown to encourage sexual behavior. Well, in rats, anyway – worth trying it out with human beings, if you ask me.

2. Hey fellas, if you're feeling a little down, coffee can help with your erection problem. Check out #5 for other jiggly bit benefits!

Doctors believe that caffeine may have similar properties as Viagra.

3. Coffee reduces your risk of death. It doesn't really get better than that right?

A recent study found that drinking coffee was associated with less risk of death – and they even studied more than 50,000 people.

4. Bro, get those gains. Caffeine after a workout can help muscle recovery.  

In other words, having some coffee and eating a banana is amazing for your post-workout recovery. For other benefits that coffee can have for your muscles, check out #9.

5. Coffee is great for your junk – if you drink 6 or more cups a day. 

The risk of prostate cancer goes down in those who drink more coffee. If it was socially appropriate, I would mainline coffee. 6 cups is a morning dose for a lot of us, so this is great!  

6. Your morning brew is known to protect your brain.  

Evidence suggests that increased coffee drinking can protect against developing Alzheimer's disease.  Speaking of benefits for your brain, check out #7.

7. You know that fogginess you feel around 3pm where you can't seem to remember anything?  Coffee eliminates this known memory dip.

Memory researchers have found that a cup of coffee in the morning eliminates the classic memory decline that adults, especially older adults, experience in the afternoon. 
Still addicted to brain facts? Keep reading til #17!

8. This is the biggest one for me.  Coffee makes you poop.  

You laugh now, but it's great in a pinch when you're pressed for time.

9. Coffee may reduce muscle degeneration that comes with getting older.  

Check out #11 for even more muscle benefits.

10. The jury is still out on this one, but caffeine in coffee may helpyou lose weight.

Some think caffeine may slightly reduce appetite, helping weight loss.  

11. It reduces that muscle pain you feel after all those squats.

Or after whatever this lady is doing...

12. Contrary to the popular belief that coffee increases blood pressure, it can protect you from heart disease.

Coffee Bean Break! Wow.

13. Coffee helps prevent liver disease!

Does that mean I can drink more beer?

14. It reduces your risk of developing a common form of skin cancer.

15. Drop your risk for Type 2 Diabetes with coffee – the type you may develop if you have a horrible diet.

This doubly helpful if you like to load your mug with sugar.

16. The smell of coffee alone can actually boost your zen factor.

I don't mean that it reduces stress because you just know it's around. The aroma actually effects protein expression in the brains of rats to reduce stress. Let's hope it works that way in humans too!

17. It reduces unwanted movements that accompany Parkinson's disease. 

18. Coffee may make you 50% less likely to commit suicide.

This one surprised me the most, but after I thought about it a bit, maybe it isn't at all surprising.
Share if caffeine makes you and your friends happy too!
Main image via Cico / Shutterstock
Collage image via The Telegraph | Alamy

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