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Sunday 13 March 2016

17 After Sex Selfies That Are The Epitome Of Regret

17 After Sex Selfies That Are The Epitome Of Regret

 Snapchat has been the enabler for a lot of things:

  • Cute, candid moments at events.
  • Showcasing pretty selfies you don't necessarily want to have on your social media profiles forever.
  • Nudes for dudes you probably shouldn't be sending nudes to.
  • Dick pics for girls who don't want to see that-ish.
  • Aaaaand last, but really not least, after-sex selfies which have kind of, sort of become a "thing". 
  • I don't know about you, but the last thing on my mind post-romp is a 10 second selfie. I think about things like "where's the pizza?" or "that's it?" or "why is he still cuddling me right now?!"

    1. Zero recollection. All the regret.

    2. He grunts while he sleeps? Or he grunts during sex? Either way, grunty has to go if it's past 9 am.

    3. Let's play the "let's not guess what you just did" game, 'cause if you did what you want us to think you did, you clearly didn't do a very good job. That girl is thoroughly unimpressed with her decision.

    4. Who's going to burst his bubble, and by bubble, I mean girlfriend. Ehehe.

    5. He may or may not want to verify if she's still breathing. That would be the nice thing to do.

    6. Where's Waldo? In her bed. The real question is, how big is Waldo?

    7. Tomorrow night's caption will be "whoops I did it again".

    8. You can't undo the deed once it's been done. 

    9. Well, that's going to be a lot more awkward than anticipated.

    10. Dead weight means you're trapped there for quite a while. Good luck.

    11. Probably because he's too busy taking his own after sex selfies.

    12. Check his pockets for his wallet, then check his ID for his name, or second option: maybe next time at least get his name first before getting his d? I don't know, could be a simple solution.

    13. The run of shame is a thing.

    14. Step one: wake him up. Step two: tell him you need him to go because you just got a case of diarrhea.

    15. His face: I just had sex :D. Her face: I just had sex :(

    16. Oh dear.

    17. Bonus, because lol:

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