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Tuesday 29 March 2016

Top 10 Happiest Countries In The World…How Does YOUR Country Compare?

Top 10 Happiest Countries In The World…How Does YOUR Country Compare?

 It’s time to get happy! Or, perhaps it’s time to move.
Where we live determines a lot. While it may seem like living on a beach with our toes in the sand every day would equal pure bliss, our happiness is actually affected by a number of factors.
Our social rights and freedoms, safety, social support, and even our life expectancy all influence our overall happiness levels and contribute to a deep sense of life satisfaction.
So how does YOUR country compare? And what does your country say about YOU?
The World Happiness Report has recently been released, ranking 156 countries by their happiness levels.  Check out the top 10 happiest countries to see if your country is feeling happy…or if you should be taking a vacation soon! 

10. Sweden

The 10th happiest country in the world is Sweden, and with traditions such as the fika it’s clear to see why. The fika is a coffee break that is considered a social institution — it can be even considered impolite if you don’t join in! Mandatory coffee breaks, a high life expectancy, and Sweden’s numerous lakes, forests and mountains all make it a fantastic place to call home. 

9. Australia

 A pink lake, more kangaroos than people, and home to the Great Barrier Reef. Oh, and did we mention Australia also has more than 10,000 beaches? You could visit a brand new beach every day for 27 years! It’s safe to say Australians have it pretty good. 

8. New Zealand

There’s a reason The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy was filmed in New Zealand — it’s absolutely beautiful.
Kiwis (New Zealanders' nickname) have many reasons to be happy — they get to take in the majestic landscape on a daily basis, enjoy the country's unique and diverse wildlife, and come together to support their favorite rugby team, the All Blacks

7. Netherlands

Over 4,000 km of canals and lakes, home to 75% of the world’s flower bulbs, AND parental leave for both full-time moms and dads all make Netherlands citizens some of the happiest people around. 

6. Canada

Oh Canada! Three million lakes, delicious Tim Hortons coffee, and extremely polite people all make Canada a fantastic place to call home. 

5. Finland

When Santa Claus lives in your country, how can you not be happy?!
If that isn’t reason enough to do a happy dance, how about this: Finland has one of the world’s best education systems, the Northern Lights are visible nearly 200 nights a year, its capital (Helsinki) has previously been ranked as the world’s most honest city, and it is also considered one of the best places to be a woman. Hurrah to Finland! 

4. Norway

The fourth happiest country in the world, Norway has an incredibly low crime rate, a day where they get 24 hours of sunshine, and stunning landscapes.
Need more convincing? Google "Norway fjords" and you'll want to hop on the next plane! 

3. Iceland

Iceland is the world’s largest clean energy producer per capita, is home to the beautiful Blue Lagoon, and has previously been ranked as the world’s friendliest country. No wonder it is the third happiest place on earth! 

2. Switzerland

As the second happiest country in the world, it’s no surprise that Switzerland has been known to invest more in health and education than any other country in the world.
Added bonuses? Swiss Alps, skiing and hiking, and home to the Lindt chocolate factory… there are many reasons the Swiss are a happy bunch. 

1. Denmark

And coming in at #1…Denmark!
Why are Danes so happy? There are a few reasons. They have a great work/life balance, with the average Danish employee receiving 5 weeks of holiday per year and working 37 hours a week.
Taxes are high, although this helps ensure all citizens receive free health care, get free access to public schools and university, and can feel safe knowing there is a strong welfare system in place should Danes find themselves unemployed or ill. Clap along if you know what happiness is to you — the Danes are feeling good. 

Which countries didn't make the top 10 but still can get their happy dance on? 


United States 

The U.S. just missed the top 10, coming in as the 13th happiest country to call home. 
Land of the free and home of the brave, the United States is considered a leader in many industries. It has some of the top ranked universities in the world, is a global leader in technology, and has the largest and most productive economy in the world. Additionally, the U.S. also has some of the most generous people on the planet, ranking as the second most generous country on the globe. 

United Kingdom 

Big Ben in England, rolling hills in Scotland, and lush green landscapes in Northern Ireland all contribute to the beauty of the UK, which was #23 on the list. 

Was YOUR country one of the happiest places to live? COMMENT or SHARE with your friends! 
Main and collage images via 1. World Pop Travel 2. YouTube / Fjord Norway 3. Eat Stay Live

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