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Tuesday 1 March 2016

What Your Feet Say About Your Personality!

What Your Feet Say About Your Personality!

Do you know that your feet can be read like Palmistry?

 Feet is an integral part of our body and help us in moving around. However, very few people know that our feet tell a lot about our personality.

There are four different type of feet:

 #1 – Greek Foot
 Greek Foot forms a triangle shape at the top. The people having Greek foot are athletic, creative and great leaders. On the other end, however, they can be impulsive and suffer from stress.

#2 Square Foot

These type of toes have evenly matched fingers and the people having such toes are tidy and methodical. These people are analytical and take decisions based on logic.

#3 – Roman Foot
 These peole are social and enjoy exploring new things. In addition, they have balanced and toned bodies. They are interested in creative and intellectual stuff but on other side are overconfident.

#4 – Egyptian Foot
These people are dreamers and idealistic. They are rebels, impulsive and make their own path rather than following on someone’s footsteps.

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