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Friday 1 April 2016

16 Designers Who Had One Job And Blew It

16 Designers Who Had One Job And Blew It

It's been a dream of mine for quite some time to butcher a task at my job so badly, it becomes worthy of being included in an article like this. Just a cataclysmic failure that is beyond repair or any acceptable excuse. Failure so bad, your own family would banish you from Christmas dinner. And in that moment of failure and self-hate, I'd smile. Subtly. And whisper, "you made it."
I aim my goals at levels that are attainable. I'm okay with mediocrity.
The folks in this article, however, couldn't even muster up the common sense to reach mediocrity. They blew it. And not in the scandalous Monica Lewinsky way either. At least she could profit off of notoriety and shame. These people blew it and likely had to go home and tell their kids why they can't get the roof fixed and why the Froot Loops got replaced with "Colored Holes."
Hmm...that got dark fast.
Anyway, I present to thee: designers who had one job and blew it.

1. The typo arguably got the point of this ad across better than if it were spelled correctly.

2. I know this feeling. I've played Roller Coaster Tycoon.

3. I guess the next time I come home blackout drunk, I'm sleeping outside.

4. "Show me on this children's climbing phallus where you were touched."

5. I guess...but a-are they okay with this? 

6. "Yeah, it'll hold till we get some parts in. That'll be $650 for labor."

7. Like this shirt, my worry always gets in the way of my being happy. Not sure if that makes this a fail or a win.

8. This ad design team knew exactly what they were doing.

9. How I feel every time a kid starts talking about minions. (It's a strawberry shampoo bottle, by the way.)

10. This escalator and my life have a lot in common. We're both going nowhere.

11. Camo is the only color in my wardrobe besides red, white and blue.

12. Tired of homeless people smelling up the walk to your local coffee house where a social arts major serves you your favorite $5 coffee? Not anymore!

13. Luckily for you, that's legal in 9 states. Doesn't make it right though.

14. "But I'm not your aunt..." "Read it again."

15. "Not your typical maple syrup. Vegan, Non-GMO."

16. Every year, 17 million people visit London, and when they visit the Parliament, they're greeted by dicks...very similar to every parliament everywhere in the world.

Main image via reddit / [deleted]
Collage images via 1. reddit / AWildMagikarp5 2. reddit / PaulSharke

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