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Saturday 9 April 2016

17 Couples That Everyone Hates

17 Couples That Everyone Hates

 We all know that one couple: the one that makes you want to puke every time you're around them. They're all sweet to each other, and they love each other and are affectionate. That's fine, provided it's in the privacy of your own home, but when these people come out to play it's on display for all to see. Since we can't really tell our happy-in-love friends to take a hike, the best we can do is complain about them with other miserable, forever-alone people. These overly affectionate couples deserve a swift kick in the face. On behalf of everyone, please stop. We don't need to be reminded how single we are. 

1. "My girlfriend has a sticky back, I use this to my advantage."

2. This couple that knows how to push each other forward. 

3. "It appears my wife personalized our keurig."

4. The person who actually saved bacon for their partner. Is this real life?

5. The girl who made matching t-shirts for her and her boyfriend.

6. The person who always knows what to say.

7. Whoever wrote this poem with a surprise ending. 

8. "I bumped my head last night. This is how my wife packed my lunch today."

9. The partner who only sees the beauty in their girlfriend. 

10. The couple that embodies your *actual* relationship goals. 

11. "Wife showed me this message and this is how I responded."

12. "I got a vasectomy yesterday. The wife told me it was part of the Dr's post-op instructions to minimize licking."

13. "My boyfriend thought he'd give me a sexy surprise after work today..."

14. The absolute genius who got this for their partner. 

15. This person, who's willing to sacrifice their own needs for their partner. Vom. 

16. And the boyfriend who knows how to survive Shark Week. 

17. At least this guy knows what's up. 

Main image via reddit / Bfreak
Collage images via 1. reddit / Bfreak 2. reddit / derolle

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