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Monday 25 April 2016

6 Signs You Are In The Presence Of A Deceased Loved One

6 Signs You Are In The Presence Of A Deceased Loved One

 Losing a loved one is a fact of life. Though it's never easy, depending on how close the person is to your heart, loss can be tremendous. Loss can make you choke on your breath and buckle at the middle. Loss can make you hysterical and numb and silent all at once. Loss is one of the greatest common denominators known to man, and it never gets easier. When you lose someone close to you, someone who truly has a piece of your heart, they seem to linger after they're gone. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but there are subtle signs your loved one is around and looking out for you. Take these as you will. Some of you may scoff and chalk this up to imagination while others find real comfort in feeling the presence. 
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1. You See Them In Your Dreams...

When you think about something a lot, it's likely to appear in your dreams. We've all spent the day dreaming about a crush or a favorite meal only to have it bubble up from the depths of our subconscious. However, this is different.

...And It Feels Like They Never Left

Sometimes, on rare, special occasions, a dream of your lost loved one comes out of nowhere. It's so real, you may not realize you're dreaming and forget they've passed all together. When smells, tastes and feels are startlingly lifelike, you may have a visitor. The hardest part is waking up.

2. You Feel Their Touch...

You may have heard of muscle memory, which is the brain's ability remember repetitive muscle movements and how athletes seem to do the impossible. Phantom sensations are not uncommon, but again, this is different. 

...As Real As You Feel Hot And Cold

If you feel like you're being touched, like someone just sat at the edge of your bed, like you felt a caress of your hair, you might be in the presence of a spirit. The touch, pressure, weight of it will feel startlingly familiar. Treasure that feeling. Find peace.

3. Strange Things Happen...

Unusual occurrences could be coincidences. Sometimes things fall together in what appears to be a meaningful way but really, it's random. Whether you believe in coincidences or not, this time is...different.

...You Can't Explain But It's Something They Would Do

The familiarity part is the key to figuring out which is which. If the strange thing that happened is just their kind of strange, you may have something to ponder.

4. Stuff Disappears Mysteriously...

Perhaps grief is making you a little forgetful. The stress of loss is powerful and distracting. When things around the house go missing, it's possible you're moving them and forgetting but somehow, they're not things you touch. The things moved are their things and, day by day, they just look so different.

...Meaningful Stuff

If you're finding your loved one's favorite items, things pertaining to inside jokes or things they always wanted, you might have company. Sometimes it's as simple as their favorite snack sitting on the counter rather than the cupboard. Did you get hungry and sleepwalk or are they here?

5. You Smell Them...

That old, familiar fragrance so packed with memories and meaning it brings a tear to your eye. As it glides past you, only one thing comes to mind. Sure, lots of people have that cologne, but this time, it's different.

...In Impossible Places

Popular cologne or not, what's it doing in your bed years later? Who could have sprayed a mist on a lonely hike in the forest? 

6. Butterflies Appear...

Butterflies are beautiful, delicate creatures. You see them in fields and chased them as a child so you know they stay far from humans. But this one's different.

...And Approach Without Fear

That one butterfly that seems to have no fear and flies right up to you might have more meaning than you'd think. Irish folklore calls butterflies "the souls of the dead." If a butterfly is acting unusually friendly, smile and enjoy.
Main and collage image via Tina Fiveash

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