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Saturday 30 April 2016

9-Year-Old Boy Operates A Lemonade Stand To Pay For His Own Adoption

9-Year-Old Boy Operates A Lemonade Stand To Pay For His Own Adoption

 Family is something we all need to get through life. We need to learn the basics of love and relationships from birth onward to ensure stable mental health and physical health as well. There are few things as difficult as having no family to teach you how special and important you are in the world. This is the story of a little boy who wants nothing more than to be part of a family. To get adopted, he's doing something most kids do for candy, and you've likely done it too.

Lemonade For Love

 This sign was made to attract customers to a lemonade stand operated by a nine-year old boy. Nothing unusual about that, is there? It's not that he's running this lemonade stand but the reason why. 
This boy's story is more complicated than any sign could articulate, so he sits on the Davis family lawn and waits for people to get thirsty for one reason: to officially become a Davis. 

Yard Sales Too

 Tristan and his legal guardian Donnie Davis have been trying to raise money to officially adopt him. He has been living with the family after being both physically and emotionally abused by another "caregiver." The family says adoption is expensive, and they do not have the money to make the boy a legally permanent member of the family. Tristan was also with the Davis family for most of his life before the abuse.

Tristan And His "Mom"

The soon-to-be mother and son have had people drive several hours to meet the brave young man and support his cause. Tristan, a boy of few words, is pictured here with Donnie, who says she looks forward to making his adoption final. Hopefully this can put a smile on this boy's face after everything he's already been through. Stay strong, Tristan!

Good Morning America Tells The Whole Story

Tristan and his soon-to-be adopted mother were interviewed on location outside of their Springfield, Missouri home. The family hopes spreading the word will help the adoption process.
Main and collage image via YouTube / Good Morning America

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