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Friday 1 April 2016

Are You Still Going To Crack Your Knuckles After Watching This...

If you belong to the group of people who crack their knuckles out of habit, then you’ve probably never heard of the side effects it can bring on.

As a subject for discussion, knuckle cracking has long been a sort of a mystery. One thing has always been certain – it’s a pleasant experience because the joint movement actually brings a feeling of relief in your hands. Also, many people find the sound amusing.

But, a recent study called ‘Force My Finger’ has shed some new light on the matter. The sound comes from a gas-filled cavity in the synovial liquid in the joints, so when you move your joints, this cavity narrows. One of the subjects in the study, Greg Kawchuck, was asked to pull his joints and move his knuckles under MRI, so that the whole process could be filmed.

Throughout the experiment, Greg’s fingers were linked to a tube, while the MRI filmed the entire process. The findings were astounding!

What happens during knuckle cracking is that a vacuum-like cavity is formed. This cavity attempts to fill the rising joint volume that creates as the liquid in the joint drains. This produces a popping sound, we all know too well.

As reported by health experts, habitual knuckle cracking can trigger joint inflammation, and even damage your joints and ligaments.

Look at the video below for detailed description.

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