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Tuesday 19 April 2016

Gay Couple Gets Hateful Response From So-Called Friends After Sending Out Wedding Invites

Gay Couple Gets Hateful Response From So-Called Friends After Sending Out Wedding Invites

 You've just sent your wedding invites out with a sense of great excitement. You're waiting to see who can and can't make it. You're waiting to put the table plans together. You're waiting for the...hate to spew? 
It's not exactly the response you expect. 
But it is the response one couple got when they sent out their invites. 
The worst part? The writer left their name out, so the couple doesn't even know who it is that has that much hate in their hearts. 
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The best part? The community's stepped up in a major way. This story proves love really does conquer all. 

After Keith and Chad sent out their wedding invites, they received a lot of RSVPs...and one unsigned letter filled with hate. 

They didn't let the hate get them down though. They didn't let it detract from their love or their plans to have the best wedding day ever. Instead, they stayed positive. 

This is the letter that got so much attention.A local church even stepped in to offer some support for these men who only want to marry. The church is hosting a card shower in celebration. It's a wonderful reach-out after such a horrible response to the invite. 

The letter reads: 
"Hello Keith Alan and Chad Michael--
"Just wanted to you both know, you have sent an invitation to the wrong people. You thought we supported you as a couple, well boys you were so wrong!
"Your invitations were forwarded to an anti gay group in Canton Akron area, they will be attending your wedding. Protesters will be there. It's not normal for 2 men to marry.
"What is wrong with you? It's a sin!!!!
"Some of your friends are only coming to your so called wedding to help in the protest. Like it or not, this is going to happen. This day is going to be ruined for you. This is going to be a fun show to watch. You both are going to get what you deserve. SEE YOU AT THE ANTI-GAY SHOW!!"

The very worst things sometimes bring out the very best in us. For these men? They couldn't care less about the threats. They're getting hitched! Here's what Chad has to say: "It's something we waited a long time for, we honestly never thought we'd be able to do it ... I never even thought about...

...canceling and quite frankly, other than our initial shock of the letter this made us both want to do it more."
"Love will win in the end, that's what it comes down to."
Main and collage image via Twitter / @DanDeRoos19

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