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Friday 8 April 2016

The Internet Can’t Stop Talking About How Fierce This 90-Year-Old Looks In A Bikini

The Internet Can’t Stop Talking About How Fierce This 90-Year-Old Looks In A Bikini

 Beach body season is quickly approaching.
Although it’s still a few months away, chances are there are already many women dreading having to put on a bathing suit in the summer months. There are countless campaigns and advertisements that feature women with flat and toned tummies wearing itsy bitsy bikinis. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to work off my five-course Easter dinner.
Jokes aside, no one should feel ashamed or embarrassed about rocking a bathing suit because they don’t look like someone out of a magazine. Obviously, this is easier said than done.
We should all take a page out of this woman’s book and look forward to bikini season, not dread it.  

This is Irene.

She is 90 years old. But did that stop her from rocking a red polka dot bikini? Nope! And why should it? She looks absolutely awesome. We aren't the only ones who think so. After the clothing label Lady Watego posted this photo of Irene on their Facebook page, the comments started flooding in. 

People absolutely loved Irene's look. 

Her awesome bikini bod is inspiring other senior women to embrace their bodies too, no matter what age they are! This Facebook user claims that there is still hope for her 57-year-old body.

It't not just senior women who can look up to Irene. 

According to the people of Facebook, the younger generation could learn a thing or two from the fierce 90-year-old. One Facebook post even suggests that she is putting the younger generation to shame. I mean, just look at that slight yet sassy hip pop. I'm definitely stealing that for my next Facebook profile picture.   

And there are hundreds of more flattering comments about Irene's bikini bod.

Chances are, Irene did not wake up in the morning and put on that red polka dot bikini to get hundreds of likes and comments on social media. She simply put on the bikini because she likes how it looks on her and it makes her happy. Most importantly, she didn't care about what other people thought about how she looks. In the process, she ended up inspiring hundreds.
More women should be like Irene. 
Main and collage images via Facebook / Lady Watego Byron Bay/Ballina

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