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Saturday 9 April 2016

There's A Secret Trick To Buying Plane Tickets. Everyone NEEDS To Know This!

There's A Secret Trick To Buying Plane Tickets. Everyone NEEDS To Know This!

 Everyone wants to jet set around the world, but there's one thing holding us back.
Airline tickets are ridiculously expensive these days. Add in the tax and extra luggage fees on top of any other amenities you might need during your flight and you're looking at a hefty price tag. Suddenly all your wildest vaycay dreams have disappeared in a cloud of debt and sadness.
If you're hoping to get away and spend a vacation sprawled on a beach with a hunk, there is a way! This one trick will ensure that you can book your flight and get the best deal possible (hunk not guaranteed).

First, what not to do...

Don't book your ticket on a Saturday! This is typically when airline prices are the highest. Even though this is when you're most likely off work and have the time to research your trip, you'll want to avoid booking on this day. Keep reading to find out why. 

You have to understand the system

The reason why plane tickets are the highest on Saturdays is because airlines follow a weekly pricing system that can seem confusing and frustrating to travelers who don't know how it works. 

So, what is this secret pricing system? 

This system applies whether you book a flight months in advance or merely weeks in advance. 
It started way back when airlines ran promotions in newspapers and people actually went to travel agencies, which were open during business hours Monday through Friday. Even though most people book their flights online now, this weekly system still works to score flight deals. 
 Back before the internet, pricing executives would look at the available flights for the week on Monday to determine whether they should offer a sale. If there were too many unsold seats at the beginning of the week, a sale was held to encourage travelers to buy.
What does this mean for scoring the best flight deal online? Read on to find out the one day you should definitely book your next vacation if you want to save money.

Airlines still offer their sales at the beginning of the week, starting on Monday

Just like they used to to clear out unsold seats after the weekend when sales are slowest, airlines begin offering their sales at the beginning of the week.

But by Tuesday, something amazing happens

Competing airlines price match each others' sales, engaging a a full-blown price war to get customers to take their deal.
This means that Tuesday is the best day to score an unbelievable deal. If you want to get even more specific, a study found that Tuesday at 3 p.m. EST was when flights were at their lowest price for the whole week. 

How much of a savings are we talking about here? 

According to Orbitz.com, the average price of a flight sold on a Saturday was 7% higher than the average price of a flight sold on a Friday. It definitely pays to book your flight during the week (even Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays had cheaper flights compared to weekends). 
Another way to save on flights? Follow airlines on social media and sign up for their email alerts. Sometimes they'll offer sales that last for just an hour. This, combined with your savvy knowledge of the airline price schedule, will help you satisfy your wanderlust. 

Want to learn more about airline pricing and how it works? Check out this comprehensive article from The Wall Street Journal. Safe and happy travels! 
Main image and collage image via Richard Shock / Getty Images

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