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Thursday 21 April 2016

These Chicago Twins That Were Accepted To 56 Colleges Have A Message They Want To Share

 The point of going to school is pretty simple.
You work hard, earn a degree, and then it opens the door to getting a good job. But as anyone who has gone through the postsecondary system can tell you, there is a lot more to it than that. There are the loads of expenses. Tuition, books, rent… it all adds up and the list doesn’t seem to end. For a lot of young people, the financial burdens often discourage and prevent them from pursuing an education.
Well, these inspirational twins have a message they want to share.

That is a long list of schools.

They are all of the schools that Chicago high school senior Shaprice Hunt was accepted to. She received a full-ride scholarship to two schools and was scouted to play basketball at five of them. Kemitashi Austin posted the list on Facebook to highlight Shaprice's accomplishments.
But wait, there's more. 

Her twin brother was accepted to another 27 schools!

Deprice Hunt received $300,000 in scholarships and was also offered two full-ride scholarships. 
Between the two siblings, they were accepted to 56 colleges and earned $1.6 million in scholarship funds. Whoa!

Applying for colleges... you're doing it right. 

Shaprice is planning on attending Illinois State University or Eastern Illinois University with aspirations of taking a dual major in Education and Psychology. Her brother, a youth activist in Chicago, told theHuffington Post that HBCU Morehouse College is his dream school. He wants to study Performing Arts and Political Science. 

“My motivation was to make sure [my mom] didn’t have to come out of pocket...” 

...Deprice told HuffPost. Both of the siblings had a perfect attendance record in high school and earned 48 awards combined through high school.
The twins said that growing up in Chicago with the stereotypes around black youth made them even more motivated to pursue their education. 

“A lot of people say...

"...you can’t do it because of where you’re from,” Deprice said. “Don’t listen to them.”
Financial issues often play a role in young people not pursuing a college degree, but the twins want to send an important message to others. They even reached out to a local news outlet because they wanted to share their story in the hope of inspiring others. 

“Never give up,” Shaprice told HuffPost.

"Picture your future. Not only to make yourself proud but make your family proud.”
Wise words from someone who is so young. 

There is no question why the Hunt twins have already had so much success to date.

Their "I can do anything" attitude and positive outlook on life has already inspired many, and we are sure they will continue to inspire many more. 
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Main image via Facebook / Deprice Hunt
Collage images via 1. Facebook / Kissy Denise 2. Facebook / Deprice Hunt

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