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Friday 29 April 2016

This Troll Compared Her To A Cheesecake, And Now The Internet Is Firing Back

This Troll Compared Her To A Cheesecake, And Now The Internet Is Firing Back

There always has to be someone to rain on another person's parade and turn their happiness into a joke. It's one thing to make a lighthearted joke where everyone can laugh but another when you pick on something that was clearly the reason they are smiling and tear it apart. It's not funny; it's just mean. HOWEVER! There are brilliant people who can take these trolls and completely turn things around on them and make their mean joke into something totally badass. Dessert anyone?

Do you remember your prom dress?

Well, forget about it because this dress is the only thing that matters right now. This is Kerione looking downright FAB-ulous in her prom gown.

Everyone was marveling at her stunning dress.

Even people who didn't know her! But of course there has to be that one person to crash the party.

Pump Chump, or @ovokt, compared her to a cheesecake.

Now whatever his "true" intentions were when he paired up these pictures doesn't make this any better. It's just not cool.

One fine lady, Kenna Sharp, felt she had to stand up for Kerione.

And she did it in the best way possible by starting #CompareYourselfToACheesecake2016. Others got wind of the hashtag, and there is nothing that can calm the fury of gorgeous women and dairy.

Soon Kenna's 41,000 followers were also finding their perfect cheesecake twins.

She says that she is more upset by other people being attacked than herself. Now there is an army of people online who are supporting each other and spreading positivity through #CompareYourselfToACheesecake2016.

So many people have joined in, and it's so delicious!

Every woman is a queen, and no one is going to degrade us as a piece of food (even though cheesecake is a taste of heaven).

Kenna had no idea her swift kick to the head would catch on like this, but it did!

Here's some lemon cheesecake just to make that burn sting a little more.

And it's not just the women looking sweet.

Finish off a meal with a big slice of this man.

Kenna doesn't actually even know Kerione!

That doesn't stop her from standing behind her fellow lady. Kenna says Kerione deserves to wear her gorgeous dress and be beautiful without having someone *cough @ovokt cough* make fun of her.

Until now I had no idea there were these many types of cheesecake!

But just like how these yummy treats are each unique, so are people, even if you are comparing yourself to a dairy-based pie.

I know the biggest question you've been asking yourself is what cheesecake I am.

Well, wonder no more! What kind of cheesecake are you? Well...whatever kind you are, be the very best you can be!
Main image via Instagram / @julie.aceaneth
Collage image via Twitter / @ovokt

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