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Wednesday 11 May 2016

12 Times Serious Shade Was Thrown Between Our Fav YouTubers

12 Times Serious Shade Was Thrown Between Our Fav YouTubers

YouTubers have become some of the world's biggest celebs! They have millions of subscribers and they make hilarious videos every week! But, these YT stars also attract a lot of attention. And with attention comes drama! These YouTubers never stop throwing shade at each other! They can't stop and won't stop. Here are the major feuds happening on YouTube right now.
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1. Tyler Oakley v. Connor Franta – These two used to be BFFs but they have been throwing shade for years! Connor unfollowed Tyler on Insta and Tyler didn't include Connor in his "People I Don't Hate" list!

OMG what happened?!

2. Zoella v. Savannah Brown – Savannah shaded Zoe and her BF Alfie on Tumblr. She called them greedy and fake! Savannah had to apologize after Zoe and Alfie fans came after her for her post!

 The lesson here is: Don't ever cross #Zalfie. They are YouTube royalty! 

3. DEE davE v. LeafyIsHere – LeafyIsHere LOVES to mock people on his channel but then he did it to an autistic YouTuber. WTF, Leafy?!

Dee and Dave called him out on it and told him to stop being such a bully! That's what you get for being a jerk, Leafy!

4. Fine Bros v. every single YouTuber ever – Fine Bros basically declared war against YouTubers! They were going to trademark "react" and prevent other YouTubers from doing react videos!

The community went after them so hard that they took back everything they said! #DontMessWithTheCommunity

5. Laci Green v. Sam Pepper – Laci wasn't having ANY of it when Sam released that video where he was pinching women's butts. She decided to come for him and post a video exposing him.

 And then Sam threatened her over e-mail! Drama alert!

6. Sam and Nia v. everyone on YouTube – Everyone on YouTube is against Sam and Nia. After they posted the pregnancy/miscarriage announcement, people have been thinking they are shady AF.

Then Sam threatened a bunch of family vloggers at an event! Buddy, calm down.

7. British YouTubers v. other British YouTubers – The Gleam YouTubers decided they were going to pull out of a fan event called Summer in the City and have their own event. Jack Howard and Hazel Hayes decided to call out them out on their greedy behavior!

Can't we all just get along?!

8. Grace Helbig v. Jenna Marbles – Grace made a video called "Draw My Life" where she directly throws shade at Jenna. Jenna's video was about being depressed in LA. In the end of Grace's video she mocks Jenna

Grace says that the main takeaway from Jenna's video is that she's sad and depressed. SHOTS FIRED!

9. PewDiePie v. KSI – These two YouTubers went at it! PewDiePie posted a rant about people talking about drama. KSI responded and called him a hypocrite. The two have been fighting ever since!

PewDiePie tweeted about how nobody should go to KSi for advice. Ouch!

10. PewDiePie v. Onision – Onision tweeted PewDiePie saying, "There are few things more pathetic than a guy who's rich for playing video games complaining about this s**t."

PewDiePie tweeted, "Considering Onision's whole life reads like a s****y soap opera. I'm guessing he's one of the few things." OH. BURN.

11. Gabrielle Hanna v. Doc – A mysterious YouTuber named Doc called out Gabby for stealing all her jokes from famous comedians!

And then he posted a video where he showed her jokes next to other people's that were literally the same! Evidence with a side of hot, piping burn!

12. Alfie Deyes v. Gabriella Lindley – Gabby tweeted that she thinks YouTubers that use Vessel (a site where people pay to see YouTube videos) are stupid.

Alfie tweeted back that she should #ThinkBeforeYouTweet. And then they never hung out together again. Drama!

Seriously, can't everyone just get along? Let's hope everyone makes up! Or are there YouTubers you're glad have given up on each other?

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