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Saturday 28 May 2016

8 Logos That Have A Hidden Secret

8 Logos That Have A Hidden Secret

Technology seems to be making some huge advances. With the rise in technology comes a lot of shifts (oh no, robots will take over soon!). Some companies begin re-branding because they want to look spiffier and more modern. Logos are often what companies are represented by because, let's be honest here, it's the first thing we really see when looking into a company. Everyone knows Instagram for the camera (which they recently changed), Lacoste's little alligator, and so many other memorable logos. Interestingly, there's a huge reason that companies decide to pick up a certain logo.
An app created by officials at Queen Mary University of London has been used in order to determine how engaging a logo is. It also creates a heat map of the most attractive spots on the logo, as well as giving the logos a "salience score." The app is called Dragonfly.
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Let's start this puppy off with a friendly face! Google's old logo had a score of 67, which is a pretty solid.

In contrast, their new logo only scored 65. Dragonfly said the loop in the second "g" is the reason that the score was dropped (it drew the eye).

Next up is Uber. Uber had a decent score, coming in with a 63 due to the simplicity of its logo.

Here's their new logo. I'm not entirely sure what it is, which is probably why its score dropped to 53. Ouch, that's a pretty big drop.

source : Diply

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