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Wednesday 4 May 2016

Friends Is The Best TV Show EVER!!! Here's Why!

Friends Is The Best TV Show EVER!!! Here's Why!

 They are making a new season of Friends. It will come out on February 21. I hope the show stays on TV forever. If they made a lot of new seasons, it would be amazing. I want to be the first one to watch it and tell everybody about it. If everybody watches it, we can make sure is not cancelled, right? I love friends!

And A Movie, Too!

There is a movie, too. Right now, there is a trailer out and the it looks good! It’s going to star some of the cast from the original television series. I really hope that it’s going to be great movie.

Bring Them All Back!

I hope they bring back Marcel, the monkey, because he's awesome. I’d also like to see all four kids, Erica, Jake, Ben, and Emma. I hope they buy a big house so they can all live together. Even Joey can live there.

How You Doin???

I hope Joey finds his dream girlfriend and gets married. I really want Joey to say to his girlfriend, “Hey, how you doing?” It would be really funny if she says it back to him. The situation could go on and on forever.

Ross And Rachel!

I really hope that Ross and Rachel get back together again and get married. They can have kids and they can babysit for Joey and his new wife when they have kids. I really hope that Ross and Rachel don't fight and break up.

The Sister-In-Law

Monica is Ross' sister and if Ross and Rachel get married, Monica will be Rachel's sister-in-law. Monica and Rachel have been best friends for a long time, but I think Monica and Rachel will fight’s sometimes.

Joey's Sisters!

I hope Joey sister’s are back. It's so funny when they are all together.

Picking a Season???

I really love Friends. I love all the seasons. I don't have a favorite yet. They are all so good. It's so hard to pick a favorite.

It will be awesome when the new season comes out. I really hope the movie is good, too. It's so nice to see them all together again. It would be great if they keep making more seasons because Friends is the best show ever.

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