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Sunday 15 May 2016

How To Create A Cute Crop Top With An Old Pair Of Jeans

How To Create A Cute Crop Top With An Old Pair Of Jeans

If you are capable of making your own clothing, then you have a serious advantage over those of us who are not. I would do anything to be able to whip out cute, fashionable items on a whim and turn the visions in my head into chic realities. 
Anyone who possess even the slightest bit of sewing skill should take a moment to see how easy it is to turn something like an old pair of jeans into a fun, summery top. If you know your way around a sewing machine, recreating items like this is a great way to not only upcycle, but also customize your wardrobe with one-of-a-kind items that everyone will love!  

What You Need

  • Sewing machine with thread and jean needle
  • Old pair of denim jeans
  • Halter/ crop top for reference
  • Fabric scissors
  • Zipper with stoppers 
  • Pins

How To Do It

  1. Cut the legs off of your jeans, set one of them aside, and place the other on your work surface.
  2. Take a halter/crop top that already fits you and lay it across the thigh area of your denim. Make sure you leave an inch of seam allowance along the top and bottom of the denim and cut out your front section. You only need to use the first layer of the pant leg.
  3. Fold the piece in half and, if necessary, trim the edges to make it symmetrical. The shape of your material should resemble a trapezoid.
  4. To make the side sections of your top, you are going to work with the lower half of the pant leg. Grab your reference halter/crop top and fold one side where the neckline begins. Repeat with the other side.
  5. Tuck in the straps and make sure the reference top is the same size as your front section, including the one-inch seam allowance. Place the shirt on top of your denim and cut through both layers, making sure to leave a one inch perimeter around it.
  6. Arrange the front and two side sections together and overlap them to form the shape of your top. Lay your reference shirt on top of the three sections and fold under any material that is longer than your reference shirt to achieve the correct size.
  7. Remember how you only used one layer of denim when you cut from the thigh in the third step? Grab that second layer and use it to create the back of your shirt. Lay this piece horizontally on your work surface and place the left side section on top of it. Cut across the entire piece and ensure its height aligns with the bottom and armpit of the side section. You want to end up with a rectangle.
  8. To create sleek hem lines, you will need to fold the top and bottom edges of each section and pin them in place. Two small folds should do the trick. Use your sewing machine to sew the hems.    
  9. Next, take the front section and fold in the two top corners (making an even slimmer trapezoid shape) and then place your two side sections on top of these folds, lining up the edges and corners. Pin them together. At this point, it's a good idea to try on the top to make sure it fits.
  10. Sew your sections together and cut away the excess edges.
  11. Unzip the zipper, pin one section onto each side of your top, and sew them together. Zip everything up and turn your shirt inside out. 
  12. Sew two diagonal lines through the front section from the center of your chest to the bottom of the top. This will create a more comfortable fit. Cut away the excess material.
  13. For the straps, use the second leg of denim. Decide how long you need your straps to be and cut out two strips that are one inch wide.
  14. Fold the sides of the strips inward and then fold both pieces in half. Pin each strap and cut out a triangle at one end of each strap. Fold in the tips and pin in place.
  15. Sew your straps and then attach them to your top.
All that's left to do is throw it on and pair it with the perfect summer outfit!
Watch video here

Main Image via YouTube / Injoyy

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