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Sunday 8 May 2016

If Your Stomach Is Inflated All The Time This Is What You Should Do!

If Your Stomach Is Inflated All The Time This Is What You Should Do!

Recent studies indicate that the reason behind bloating and an inflated stomach isn’t always overeating, it may be something much more serious. A lot of people don’t even know this, but bloating may be due to a gluten intolerance, that is your intestinal bacteria’s reaction to gluten.

A person who’s gluten intolerant may also be suffering from celiac disease and that may be causing all the digestive problems. This is especially important because gluten can be found in many food products we consume every day. It can be found in cereals like barley, wheat and rye.

People suffering from celiac disease can suffer a lot of problems if they don’t eliminate gluten from their diet. Once they ingest the gluten their body triggers an immune response causing damage to the small intestine, leading to abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating and fatigue.

What should we do in such a situation?

If you suspect that gluten intolerance or a celiac disease is the root cause of your digestive problems you should eliminate gluten from your diet entirely for a week and see if your problems are resolved. If you feel better you’ve found your problem, but if you’re still experiencing difficulties you should consult your doctor and see where the problem lies.

It’s quite common for people battling with excess weight to be gluten intolerant, which is why they need to adopt a gluten-free diet regimen if they want to prevent stomach bloating and shed the extra pounds.

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