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Friday 13 May 2016

People In Spain Are Indulging In Sex Roulette, The Most Disturbing Fad Among Teenagers

People In Spain Are Indulging In Sex Roulette, The Most Disturbing Fad Among Teenagers

Ever heard of Russian roulette? It’s a ‘game’ where participants are supposed to load a bullet into one chamber of a revolver, spin the cylinder and then pull the trigger, keeping the gun on one’s temple. It’s a game which, if sober, involves shitting bricks. But something more disturbing and scary is becoming a trend in Barcelona, Spain – the Sex Roulette.

What’s going on?

According to several Spanish news reports, an alarming number of teenagers in Barcelona are taking part in unprotected orgies. Which is pretty bad as it is, but to add an element of ‘danger’, they are also inviting at least one ‘secret’ HIV carrier to these orgies. So not only are they having unprotected sex, they might also end up indulging in sex with an HIV+ person.

This horrible fad, being practiced by people of all sexualities, has pretty straightforward rules, unlike other sex parties on similar lines, like an orgy party exclusively for people with HIV, or orgies that offer a “blue tablet” that is supposed to prevent the contraction of the virus. Even the “blue tablet” isn’t a prescribed drug – it’s sold on the black market and hence isn’t verified.

The number of diseases are on the rise.

The Barcelona Hospital Clinic treats around a hundred patients with HIV every day, and the rise of sex roulette has only made matters worse for the city with diseases like hepatitis C, chlamydia and gonorrhea on the rise. The ignorance among the youth is worrying. WHO stats reveal as high as 24% of the people between the 15-25 age group is “not afraid” of the deadly virus.

Why are these teenagers not valuing their lives?

These teenagers are obviously not thinking about the consequences. The thrill of playing around with something as deadly as HIV is what is driving these teens to take part in such glamorously dangerous sex parties. It’s simple – higher the risk, stronger the thrill. It’s a poisonous concoction of orgasm and high adrenaline. They are putting their lives in danger just to enjoy a couple of hours of incredible sex. What’s worse is that these people feel HIV isn’t such a big deal!
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