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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Students Find $40,000 In An Old Couch And Return The Money

Students Find $40,000 In An Old Couch And Return The Money

Buying secondhand goods can be quite the doozy. You usually know what to expect from pictures, but there's always that fear that whatever you're buying may not be as good as it seems. Buying secondhand things in-store is a bit better, but still frightening. Who knows what or who could have touched whatever you're buying. There's that fear of the unknown that kicks in and really overwhelms you (well, it does for me). Could you imagine buying a couch and finding someone's remains tucked inside the cushions? I would be absolutely mortified. Luckily for these college students, that wasn't the case.
These students were lucky enough to open up the cushions to find money, but not just $20 or $30. Upon opening the cushions up, they found stacks of bills. In their excitement, they began screaming at the top of their lungs, making their neighbors think they had won the lottery. While it wasn't the lottery, you can likely imagine how amazing it would be to find over $40,000 inside of a couch that you had bought secondhand! The students then took pictures of themselves counting out the money, but their joy quickly came to an end. Much to their dismay, there was an envelope with a name inside of it. They called the woman and told her they had found the couch. The woman immediately expressed her relief and told them that she had put a lot of money inside the cushions, but her family hadn't known about that, so they donated the couch. The students did the most admirable thing imaginable and returned the elderly woman her money. That's about as inspiring as stories get, if you ask me.
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Main Image via News Radio 710 Keel Flickr / Miran Rijavec

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