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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The 13-Year Old Girl was Sold By Her Boyfriend to An Old Man Who Starved and Abused Her!

The 13-Year Old Girl was Sold By Her Boyfriend to An Old Man Who Starved and Abused Her!

Everyone wants a love story that ends with a happy ending. However, this girl thought of a fairy tale-like ending unexpectedly ended in a nightmare. Her partner deceived him a happy life but he was sold to an old man like a toy.

Xia Zhao, a 13-year old girl from Zheijang province, China experienced a life she never expected, as she was sold by her alleged boyfriend named A-Wu to a 42-year old man at USD 3,200. The time the girl was already in the possession of the man, she was physically abused, starved and beaten, according to the report, by her ‘husband’.

Before the incident, Xia Zhao was convinced by A-Wu to run away from her parents to “play house” with him. Because of her very young age, she was easily carried away of A-Wu’s flowery words and stories that they would be happy the time they get together. The innocent girl fell into his trap as A-Wu’s interest is just to sell her. After convincing, he right away, sold Xia to Mr. Guo. She forced her to come to the old man who took her into the mountains for her not to escape easily. She got scared that she might die in the mountains rather being abused by the old man as she only fed once a day, beat her the time she was fighting back while saying to her that she was too expensive the time she was bought by him.

There were also instances that she got the chance to talk with her parents, but she just hangs up due to the old man’s threat that her parents will be killed if she would make way to communicate with them. She was so helpless as she was only listening to her parents’ voice, in return that her parents thought that it was just a prank call.

Her suffering has ended, when his father decided to seek help with the police authority to locate his daughter. The good thing that she was found and rescued her, looking so weak, thin and pale resulted from the series of abuses gave to her. On the other hand, Mr. Guo and A-Wu was arrested and were charged with kidnapping, child abuse, human trafficking, and rape. Looking forward for Xia Zhao’s justice against the two men who used her young mind to take her advantage and the thought having a happy life with A-Wu.

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