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Friday 13 May 2016

This Is The RIGHT Sleeping Position If You're Pregnant

This Is The RIGHT Sleeping Position If You're Pregnant

 There are a lot of amazing things that happen when you're pregnant. Your skin glows, menstrual cramps are GONE and everyone is at your beck and call for every craving and massage you need. So milk it.

But, clearly, there are some not so great things about being pregnant. Number one on that list? Sleep.
Your back aches, your dreams are crazy and your bladder is squished by that growing baby, causing you to get up every 20 minutes for a two second pee.
But there are also some real concerns with sleeping properly while pregnant. It turns out the position you sleep in is incredibly important for your new addition.

What positions should you avoid?

 You may have been a back sleeper before, but sorry, you aren't now!

Sleeping on your back causes backaches, trouble breathing, can cause hemorrhoids and low blood pressure, which means there will be less blood circulating to your heart and the baby. 
As your tummy continues to grow, it will also be pretty hard to sleep on your stomach. The bigger you get, the more awkward it becomes as the bed pushes on your growing breasts and uterus. 

What's the best position?

 It's called "SOS," which means Sleep On Side, but that doesn't just mean roll over and pass out. It's recommended that women sleep with their knees bent on their left side. To give yourself some helpful support, place a pillow between your legs, under your abdomen and at your back. This will keep you comfortable, and keep you in place to prevent you from rolling over in the night. 

What it does for you and the baby.

 Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs will decrease the amount of back pain you may feel, as it causes the spine to remain straight. 

Choosing the right side over the left has a purpose too. Your liver is located on the right side and could cause discomfort in the uterus. Sleeping on the left side will also increase the blood and nutrients that travel to your placenta and baby. Of course, if you happen to roll over in the night, don't panic. Let yourself get some much needed rest!

There is another option.

Still uncomfortable? Another recommendation is to sit up to sleep if you suffer from heartburn. Again, an awkward position any other time, but pregnancy brings out all the weird.
For this position, you can lie on your back in a half-sitting position propped up against some pillows.
No matter what you use, keep these tips in mind so you and your baby can get some well-deserved rest!

Main image via Pregnancy Pillow Set
Collage image via Just Cool Tips

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