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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

He Punished His Daughter By Posting This To FB And It Has Everybody Talking.

He Punished His Daughter By Posting This To FB And It Has Everybody Talking.

Sadly, many teenagers these days are headed down a road which could lead to serious criminal consequences. Abby Mills was one of those teens, but it would seem that her father has turned her away from a dangerous path. Many states have some type of Scared Straight program where at-risk kids are taken inside jails or prisons to talk to police and prisoners alike in the hopes of steering them away from the path that they are currently on.
Indian doesn’t have one, so this young thief was publicly shamed by her father. He put a sign around her neck with her name and saying that she is a liar and a thief (misspelled, but the intention is right) and placed her in front of the local courthouse in Wayne County.

He took a video of her and talked to and about her and posted it to Facebook. It was the Wayne County Sheriff’s Correctional Center that was the next spot he placed his daughter and took another video and posted it

After a conversation with police inside the Center, it was off to the police station where he took yet another video.

You can see she does not like this at all, but based on a post that she made herself, it would seem that she learned her lesson. We can only hope so.

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