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Saturday 11 June 2016

How To Choose The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape

How To Choose The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape

Picking the right hairstyle is a lot harder than it seems. Most people do not know which is the best haircut for them. This simple guide should help you find the right hairstyle that perfectly matches with your face shape.


Characterized by broad forehead and rounded jaw and chin. The angle of the jaw is rounded rather than sharp. An oval head shape is probably the easiest one to suit to a haircut – allows variety of different shapes and hairstyles with lengths, because of the balance proportions.

 RECOMMENDED HAIRCUTS: Pushed back long | Side parted | Fringe up | Undercut
 2. SQUARE FACE SHAPE Square proportions with straight sides and wide jaw. The angle of the jaw is sharp rather than rounded. A large number of men fit into this category. Short, tight, sharp and masculine haircut goes well with this type.
  RECOMMENDED HAIRCUTS: Undercut | Slicked back side part | Crew cut | Faux hawk

3. OBLONG FACE SHAPE: This type has a longer chin and gives an illusion of narrow face. Allow the hair to fall onto the face to reduce the appearance of a longer face. Keep the shape well balanced with neither too short on the sides nor too long the top.

RECOMMENDED HAIRCUTS: Side parted | Buzz cut | Side fringe | Fringe up

 4. ROUND FACE SHAPE: This type of face has a rounder proportion with the face almost as wide as tall. The angle of the jaw is soft and much less defined. Round faces tend to be hard to choose hair styles for. Choose haircuts with a bit of length and volume on the top to add some height to the face. Try to avoid hair coming onto the face as this will only make it look round

RECOMMENDED HAIRCUTS: Undercut | Faux hauks having shorter sides | Quiff | Fringe up 

5. TRIANGULAR FACE SHAPE These faces have narrow forehead and wide jaw. Opt for haircuts that add volume and width to the forehead, avoid too short on the side. 

RECOMMENDED HAIRCUTS: Fringe up | Side parted | side fringe

6. DIAMOND FACE SHAPE These type of faces have narrow chin and forehead but noticeable cheekbones. The chin is pointed. Longer hair generally goes well with face type. Alternatively you can add volume by going for a fringe or layered cut. Avoid getting sides too tight. 

RECOMMENDED HAIRCUTS: Long hair pushed back | Quiff| Faux hawk | Side fringe

7. HEART FACE SHAPE Forehead measures greater than the cheekbones and jawline. The chin is pointed. Generally longer hairstyle is well suited as short hair will only accentuate the wider forehead.

RECOMMENDED HAIRCUTS: Pushed back | Side parted long | Long fringes | Undercut

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