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Wednesday 1 June 2016

This Airline Decided To Tell A Woman Her Shorts Were Too Short, And Now It's Going Viral

This Airline Decided To Tell A Woman Her Shorts Were Too Short, And Now It's Going Viral

 How short is too short? 
It's darn hard to tell these days, isn't it? 
Well, one airline has weighed in and has taken some serious heat for it.
After seeing this woman's shorts, make sure let everyone know what you think! 

This is burlesque dancer Maggie McMuffin. 

Just last week, she tried to board a flight with JetBlue airlines. She was wearing short shorts...which proved to be a problem. 

Here's what got posted after the facts: "Maggie is a burlesque performer and also a friend. This is what she was wearing last week when JetBlue told her she was dressed inappropriately and couldn't board the flight from Boston to Seattle she had paid for.

"She was connecting in Boston from NYC, also a JetBlue flight - which had no issues with the way she was dressed.

"No explanation was given except that the pilot said her clothes would prevent her boarding the plane. The flight lead asked if she had anything else to wear, and told her if she didn't they could rebook the flight for her.

"Maggie ended up having to go to another terminal to buy a pair of women's sleep shorts in XL for 'proper coverage'..."

Maggie was choked. She felt wronged. So she contacted JetBlue: "Despite contacting Jet Blue at length, all they have done to 'make it right' is...

"...refund her for the swim trunks and give her less than $200 in credit. The company apologized but the pilot did not. They have not offered any explanation for their behavior."

In closing, her friend writes: "Sexism is alive and well in this world. How does what Maggie was wearing [affect] her ability to fly? It doesn't. Please share this status. Make this go viral. Maggie did not deserve to be treated like this."

And now? People are definitely following up and making this story go viral. 

Of all the posts made in response, this one might just make the best point: 

What do YOU think about this story? Let me know in the comments! 

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