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Sunday 17 July 2016

10 Classification Of Hugs Along With Their Meaning.. 10 Will Surely Make You Want To Have It More!

10 Classification Of Hugs Along With Their Meaning.. 10 Will Surely Make You Want To Have It More!

In times of loneliness, a hug makes a person feel safe. It is a reminder that they are not alone in whatever they are facing. It is a way of making people feel that they have a shoulder to cry on.

Embracing others is also a sign that someone loves you. However, there are ten types of hugs that will determine the meaning of how people see you.

1. Holding each other’s body as their legs are on both sides
– This shows extreme passion and lust towards each other. It is being referred as the most intense type of hug.

 2. Hug With Arms Around The Waist
– It is a sign of protection. Someone wants you to feel safe and sound.
 3. Hugging while hands are inside the pockets
– It means that you are comfortable with each other despite the fact that others find this indecent.
 4. Embrace with eye-to-eye contact
– There is a strong connection between the two people when you are both looking directly in each other’s eyes
 5. Rubbing the back while hugging
– This is usually seen between a parent and child relationship. It reassures them that they will be there in good and bad times. It is a gesture of ‘everything will be okay’.
 6. Shoulder to shoulder hug
– This is something that is not romantic. It can be seen between friends.
 7. Patting the back as hugging
– Tapping the back of a person is another way of saying, ‘Congratulations. Keep it up.’
 8. Hug with distance
-This is not an intimate act. It can be depicted as ‘Thanks for the treat, but I still feel awkward about you.’
 9. Take it slow hug
– When you are dancing with your partner along with a soft music, this will make you both fel connected and alive.
 10. Hug that does not want to let go due to tightness
– This is often seen with couples. It is an indication of true love. And this might be something real.

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