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Friday 1 July 2016

12 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Yesterday

12 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Yesterday

Instagram is no longer just a place where you can post photos of your lunch and secretly creep on your ex. It is slowly becoming a beauty hack haven. Beauty bloggers are sharing their best tips and tricks through hashtags like #beautyhacks and #makeuphacks. Since you probably don't have time to search through endless grams and regrams, I've compiled some of the best beauty hacks I've come across that will keep you #flawless. Think of this as the beauty manual you always wanted, just with way more Juno and Lark filters. 

1. Prolong the life of your mascara

This hack might sound a little strange, but don't roll your eyes at it. Adding a few eye drops to your mascara will keep it from drying out, which means that you can have amazing lashes without buying a new mascara every few weeks. 

2. Know your color wheel

A lipstick with a blue undertone can make all the difference when it comes to showing off your smile. Try MAC's classic red shade, Ruby Woo, for this hack. 

3. Aloe vera is great for sensitive skin

Aloe vera is not just for soothing sunburns. This plant is also a natural moisturizer and perfect for people who are easily irritated by perfumes or dyes. Best of all, these plants usually sell for less than $10.

4. Clean your brushes the easy way

No one, I repeat NO ONE, likes cleaning their makeup brushes. Here's an easy fix to this dreaded chore: wrap a small hair donut around your finger, creating the perfect surface to scrub your brushes. You can also DIY your own version with a small sponge and a little bit of hot glue to hold the loop shape if you don't have a hair donut around. Check out #7 for another great tip on how to clean your brushes. 

5. Save on your beauty budget by duping!

Sure, if I won the lottery or a magical beauty genie could give me a lifetime of beauty supplies, I would shop at Sephora all the time. However, most beauty gurus know that Sephora isn't too kind to your beauty budget. Don't fret! You can get brand name results from drugstore dupes. Trust me! They look exactly the same.

6. Know where to highlight and where to contour

You want those cheekbones to pop and that T-zone to shimmer. Keep this handy little chart pinned next to your mirror the next time you're doing your makeup. 

7. The correct way to dry your brushes

I love this tip! If you find that your brushes' bristles lose their shape after you wash them, tie them to a shower rod with hair elastics. Drying makeup brushes on a flat surface can change the shape of the bristles and extend the drying time. Hang them up from now on! 

8. An easy way to up the pigment

If you really want the pigment in your eyeshadow to pop, add a little bit of primer to the powder. It's like DIYing your own gel eyeshadow. 

9. I love this!

Keep your beauty blender safe by storing it in a plastic Easter egg. Just make sure your beauty blender is 100% dry before popping it in the egg. Mildew and mold should not be a part of your beauty routine. 

10. Another great dupe

Just like beauty products themselves, there are also a ton of great beauty tool dupes. Remember, if you save money on a few things then you're basically giving yourself permission to go buy more makeup.

11. Tidy your hairline with eyeshadow

If you have an uneven hairline, or just want to make your part look less noticeable, use an eyeshadow that is a similar shade to your hair. Apply the eyeshadow to your hairline or part with a brush for a look that is instantly tidier. 

12. Finally! An eyeliner chart that explains it all

Figuring out which eyeliner color to use is a dilemma every girl can relate to. This chart breaks down the colors and their purpose once and for all. 
Main Image via Instagram / @joyciebear

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