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Wednesday 6 July 2016

WARNING: Check your Private Part for any Signs of Testicular Cancer!

WARNING: Check your Private Part for any Signs of Testicular Cancer!

What is Testicular Cancer? and how or where does it occur? Find out the answers below!
     Testicular Cancer occurs inside the testicles or the testes, they are normally found inside the scrotum, or the loose bag of skin which is underneath the manh*ood or p*enis of a man. The testicles reproduce sperm and to produce male $*ex hormones.

If you compare Testicular cancer with the other types of cancer, testicular cancer is rare. But did you know that it is the most common cancer within American Males with ages between 15 and 35. This was confirmed when a study was conducted in United States just this early 2016 about Testicular Cancer. There were 8,720 men in total that participated in the said study and was diagnosed with it, without them knowing that they already got the cancer.

That’s why it is recommended that men should know how to examine their body by themselves, especially if they notice these irregularities in their private parts!

     1. Check if there are lumps in your testicles.

     2. The feeling in your scrotum is getting heavier.

     3. You’re feeling a bit of pain or pressure in the lower part of your belly or groin.

     4. Your chest gets big and you experience some soreness in it.

Here are some important reminder that you should know!

     1. One of the testicles is always and normally larger than the other half.

     2. One of the testicles is always hanging lower than the other half.

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