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Saturday 3 September 2016

Woman Apply 100 Coats Of Liquid Lipstick

Woman Apply 100 Coats Of Liquid Lipstick

 About a month ago, one YouTuber posted a video of her painting her nails with 100 coats of nail polish! It sounds crazy and it even looked crazy, but that's the point. Ever since then, beauty gurus have taken over the 100 layer challenge, and they've taken it to another level. Beauty gurus have done 100 layers of foundation, highlighter, and even mascara. The craziest one I have seen so far is 100 layers of liquid lipstick. I can't even apply a second layer of liquid lipstick because it cakes up too muchI can only imagine how this YouTuber feels because she was brave enough to take on this challenge. Take a look at the process of how she applies 100 layers of liquid lipstick! It's so weird yet so mesmerizing to look at. 

The Beginning 

Starting off great, but I know that this will not end well. 

10 Coats 

I want her to just stop at 10 coats because I really like that color. 

37 Coats

This is when her lips took a turn for the worse. It looks like a huge scab!

41 Coats 

Her lips are getting buried in lipstick. 

50 Coats

Halfway there! The liquid lipstick on her bottom lip looks like it's about to peel off. 

72 Coats

I feel so bad for her lips...

90 Coats 

Just hold on, we're almost done.


She is finally done! By the way, she started this challenge at 4:17 p.m. and she finished at 12:56 a.m. She's probably exhausted.  

Close Up

Her lips are protruding from all those layers of liquid lipstick.

Taking It Off

That is so gross! I honestly feel nauseous. 


She says she finally feels like her lips can breathe. Well, they did look like they were suffocating. 
Crazy, right? Also, what a waste of product! As fun as it is to watch, I would not take part in this challenge. How about 100 layers of food, like 100 layers of taco dip or lasagna? I would totally be into that. To see the full process, check out this video!
What do you think about this challenge? Comment to let us know! 
Main Image via YouTube / mayratouchofglam

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