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Wednesday 7 December 2016

11 Women Who Embrace Their Vitiligo

11 Women Who Embrace Their Vitiligo

Beauty has no boundaries. It isn't defined by your skin tone, age, or race. Everyone is beautiful! It's our differences that make us so unique.

One model who has vitiligo has been rocking the runway with her unique beauty, and it is quite amazing. Vitiligo is a rare skin condition that causes the loss of skin pigmentation. Here are 11 women who are comfortable in their skin, and they definitely embrace their vitiligo. 

1. This young girl is very confident in her skin!

Why fit in when you can stand out? 

2. Strikingly stunning!

3. What an amazingly intense stare. 

She definitely captured my attention. 

4. Vitiligo can affect anyone of any skin tone. 

5. This model traced her vitiligo marks!

Beyond beautiful, and it kind of looks like a map.  

6. It's quite amazing that vitiligo looks different on everyone. 

7. Radiantly gorgeous. 

8. Vitiligo doesn't always show up on your face. 

Some people have vitiligo on their body. 

9. She was bullied as a child...

But now she's a beauty queen! Keep going, girl! 

10. This makeup artist has vitiligo, and she loves to work around it! 


11. Meet Winnie Harlow

Winnie was bullied so badly that she contemplated suicide. Winnie has faced a lot of adversity, but she definitely came out on top! She is an amazing model who embraces her skin condition on the runway.

You ladies really are! 

These ladies are an inspiration! What do you think? Comment to let us know! 

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