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Saturday, 11 February 2017

8 Perfectly Timed Photos For Guaranteed Laughs

8 Perfectly Timed Photos For Guaranteed Laughs

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. 

On the one hand, I miss the good old days where people chatted more in person or on the phone. I miss not being obsessed with my phone.
However, now that we're all smartphone owners, we're able to capture the most incredible moments on camera that would have likely been missed back in the day. 
These are some of the funniest ones out there — I can't even believe they're real!

1. She's not going to be happy with him.

2. When life imitates art.

3. What!?

4. Wondering where her youth went...

5. And you thought the universe was against YOU?

6. When you think you're about to take a nice photo for the camera...and it turns out wayyy better.

7. You never know what you'll find buried in the sand.

8. Excuse me, Sir. I mustache you a few questions!

Did these give you a good laugh!? We hope so! Share with everyone!

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