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Friday 17 February 2017

People Are Furious After Teen Receives Insulting Text As Soon As She Leaves Job Interview

People Are Furious After Teen Receives Insulting Text As Soon As She Leaves Job Interview

When teenagers start to gain independence, they often look to pick up a part-time job to get some extra cash. This can be a pretty nerve-racking experience if you've never had a "real" job before. 18-year-old Megan Dixon from Leicestershire recently went in for a job interview at a local steakhouse and had an interesting experience, to say the least. After an unexpectedly brief interview and less-than-appropriate behavior on the part of the assistant manager who interviewed her, Megan received a shocking text that no one should ever receive. 

Let's hear Megan's story...
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Like most young adults, 18-year-old Megan Dixon decided it was time to make some money and get a job. 

Megan applied for a part-time position at a steakhouse called Miller and Carter in Enderby, Leicestershire. 

Upon showing up at her interview, she met assistant manager Shantel Wesson.

Immediately, though, Megan noticed something odd about the interview. 

This is when things get interesting...

Megan felt that the interviewer wasn't being professional at all. 

"I thought it was strange she didn't shake my hand, I thought she would have been more professional," Megan said in an interview. 

That wasn't it, though. "She had her phone out for the entire time, I didn't really feel like I was in an interview," she added. 

Shantel Wesson didn't even seem to have Megan's CV with her for the interview, either. 

That's definitely not how interviews are supposed to go.

The real shocker came as Megan left the interview. She received a text message from her interviewer Shantel only one minute after leaving the short interview...

Here is the brief text conversation that took place between Megan and Shantel:

It's not clear whether the message "It's a no x" was meant to be sent to Megan, but one thing was clear – it was about her. When Megan inquired why this was the case, Shantel fired back with something people are pretty mad about, including Megan.

Definitely not cool. What's up with that, right?

Megan was definitely shocked, but Miller and Carter were quick to respond to the incident, issuing a statement on the matter.

They said, "It was never our intention to be disrespectful or upset her in any way. The texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager, not the candidate."

Her family was particularly angry about the incident...

Megan's mother was furious about what had happened. 

"My mum was so angry – these big companies can't treat people like that. It has definitely put me off the company," said Megan, who ultimately received an apology from the restaurant for what had happened. The company now vows to investigate the case more seriously.

 The bigger issue of ageism may be worth discussing in the context of Megan's job interview. 

Many millennials feel that their opinions are not valued because they are young, or are in some way more naive that older generations. 

The possibility that age influenced the situation has crossed Megan's mind. 

"Maybe because I’m 18 she thinks it’s OK not to be professional with me? I don’t know,” she said. 

In fact, Megan is an A-level student!

You have to see the reaction others have had to Megan's situation...

For many, they don't plan on going back to Miller and Carter. 

What do you think about what happened to Megan?

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Here is a video segment on the story from Complex News.

Main Image via News Group Newspapers LTD | The Sun

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